August 18, 2010


DiDi, my 2 years old Chihuahua is really important to me. She is like my daughter, like my friend, like a tail.. follows me where ever I go, jumps in my purse when I am to leave the house, comes and crawls with me in the bed, puts her tiny head on my hand when I cry.. etc
so, I figured, I could post things that are about her.. and other friends of ours..
I am a dog person.. so this is all about dogs and puppies..
(sorry cat people- if I find something I will post it)
the headings are linked to the items webpages

this is an incredible toy!
it challenges the dogs brain to reach the treats..
incredible toy if you are away from the house during the day and your dog has all that time to get bored!
so, my friends always try to get DiDi drunk.. they give her beer or wine or vodka.. but she never drink it.. maybe this would help

I just ordered the Lavender chamemoil.. Can't wait to use it on DiDi..
Some people hate the smell of dog.. DiDi mostly smells -me- but still she should have her own fragrance :)

there are so many great things for pets.. fish, cat or dogs.. I just want to buy all of them.. so I hope you liked my suggestions..
I'm sure I'll find more soon.. wait for it.. If you know any other please let me know!


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