August 28, 2010


some of you might know that it is Ramadan.. has been since the 11th of August and will be until the 8th of September.. the hot, humid, boiling weather is making it hard for people to fast.. 
water is a must drink during this temperature, and people are going without it for hours.. 
next year I think it's going to be the entire month of August - I do not want to think of the weather that we are going to have.. 
I got to think about Ramadan because I saw the Harper's Bazaar Arabia - August issue, when I saw the title " Ramadan Style Special"
I know most people relate Ramadan to religion (ofcourse), to food, to water.. but I never thought of thinking of Ramadan in a fashion sense.. 
so here are some photos.. 
And to those who are fasting - Happy Ramadan.. 

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