August 4, 2010

princess love

I as a girl in love with cartoons, loved and still love Disney movies and the princesses.. Cinderella, Belle, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Mulan, Alice and the new addition Tiana.. to be honest I like the old Disney better.. I loved Belle, Jasmine and Ariel.. they were my favorites.. All 3 were really free spirited princesses. They were always breaking rules, trying to brake free from the walls built around them. When I think about their love choices- they all went against the societies expectations of them. Belle, a beautiful girl- as her name indicates, fell in love with the Beast.
Jasmine always looked for a way out of the walls of her palace. She wanted love, true love more than anything. She wanted to be free. When a boy came along, from the other side of the town, she fell in love. He was everything she wanted. A charming, free spirited boy, who loves adventure.
Ariel gave her voice to follow the boy she fell in love with- just to get 2 legs to look normal.
don't remember where I saved it from..
All the stories had their bad witches. Don't we have them in real life too. People acting as friends, but planning destructive plots after you and your loved ones. Or just gossiping behind your back- undermining your abilities and intelligence. People who act seductively to get your wo-man. Or just your jelousy coming in between, differences that overgrow with time.

Whether you are a princess like Jasmine or just a regular girl like Belle, there is one thing I know about love that is true for everyone. It's not easy to find. It just does not wait for you around the corner. It might be waiting- but thats not always the case. Sometimes you have to work for it, sometimes it's just chance or faith. Love might just happen when you least expect it- or you might have work in order to get the person of interest in love with you. It's a process that it hard to define. To find love is not easy but to hold on to it is harder. There are expectations, wants and needs,differences, fights, laughs, families, friends, histories, a ciggarette pack.. anything waiting to come in between the two of you.
What I really want to say is- If you believe that you have found love just like the Disney princesses.. then do whatever you can to keep that person. Whether it is to exchange your voice for a pair of legs or to disobey your parents in order to be with the enemy (Pocahontas and Smith)- Do anything, everything.. be smart with your choices! make sure the person in question is the real "the one" not just a fling..
Every girl wishes for the dream wedding with the dream guy. Every girl wonders about when that person will enter her life. Each girl dreams of perfection and happiness. Even if you are 10 or 30 or even 60.. the fact is that Love happens to be a game with strategies and the want to win (not lose the loved one)..
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