August 31, 2010

at home, at last

After hours of flight, hours of wait, and another hour of flight, we came back home.. 
Looking over DC from the plane, at night time was incredible.. hard to explain the butterflies I got, the happiness I felt once we landed!
we were home at last.. 
another year of studies, away from our families.. but also..
another year of being with friends, living your own life, away from all the drama that might come your way.. 
being at home! together!
we are home!

August 29, 2010

saying goodbye

today is my last day in Istanbul, tomorrow I have a flight to JFK then to DC.
I had to say my goodbyes.. so we went to my grandma's.. I saw my grandpa; who is sick.. 
and my wonderful, and lovely grandma.. who is the most kind, loving, good person I know..
she made me some plates that I love and miss when I am away.. she has been doing this for the past week..
its harder to say goodbye to the elders.. time just passes so quickly that I think we take them for granted.
I wish I had spent more time with my grandfather before.. now he just does no remember me- because he has Alzheimer..
it is just hard, to see the eldest in your family to become a baby, right in front of your eyes. the person who loves you a lot, to not remember you when you kiss him or hug him. for him to look in your eyes, and just look blank.. nothing.. no expression.. just the look of wonder, of searching, but no remembrance..

Anyway.. so, hours left to our flight.. thank god I am flying with "my baby"..
we have a disastrous connection to DC.. hours of waiting at JFK..
it is going to be a hard trip.. but thanks to Mama&Papa we are flying classy.. they gave us a gift :)
so.. last hours in istanbul:
I am in my room, blabbing..
Mama is in her room sleeping..
Papa is downstairs, watching TV and if I know him half asleep already..

this pic is on our way back home from grandma.. 
sad sad me!

I have to say goodbye to all of my friends.. I just miss them a lot when I am away..
but one has to get used to being separated..

so, goodbye istanbul and it's residents..
goodbye mama and papa..
i love you!
i miss you!(already, all the time)


on saturday (8.28); mama, papa and I went to this new restaurant.. (it might not be that new, I am no longer an expert on timeliness for Istanbul venues.
We went to X restaurant at IKSV.. It's located at the rooftop, so sees this amazing view that is hard to explain! no words are enough to describe it to you.. 
the menu was quite incredible also.. 
I loved the combination of flavors..
it's a must go place.. please let me know if you need any contact info!


here are my 2 favorite colors..
The reddish pinkish one is from PASTEL number 98.. 
I love it.. It is just the right color for me.. 
It can be pinkish during the day but looks red during night.. perfect!

and then my new favorite is the ESSIE.. number 717..
name: lapis of luxury
I am in love with this color.. I just tried it on my hands and not my toes..
I must say looks wonderful with anything black you wear.. It just pops out!

Nuna DaCosta

I remember saving these pictures - illustrations to be more exact.. however I do not remember where I found them from.. but! I did find this site that has the pictures so it just might be it!

August 28, 2010


some of you might know that it is Ramadan.. has been since the 11th of August and will be until the 8th of September.. the hot, humid, boiling weather is making it hard for people to fast.. 
water is a must drink during this temperature, and people are going without it for hours.. 
next year I think it's going to be the entire month of August - I do not want to think of the weather that we are going to have.. 
I got to think about Ramadan because I saw the Harper's Bazaar Arabia - August issue, when I saw the title " Ramadan Style Special"
I know most people relate Ramadan to religion (ofcourse), to food, to water.. but I never thought of thinking of Ramadan in a fashion sense.. 
so here are some photos.. 
And to those who are fasting - Happy Ramadan.. 

purple hat

"my baby"s mom got me this head band.. apparently when they saw it, they were reminded of me :) 
when he sees something purple, it just does remind him of me.. because I loooove purple! 
so, here it is, on my walking man.. 
my purple hat hairband.. 
I wanted to put my own picture with it, but couldn't find it.. where could it be? 
and taking a new one was hard at this hour.. 
what do u think? 


ok, so I remember saving these pics but do not remember where I got them from.. 
these belong to an artist whom I actually liked when I looked at her? portfolio.. (for some reason I remember as a her)
anyways, I think its time to share the pics I have.. 
I thought they were quite interesting! and if you have any idea whom they belong to please let me know! 

list for DC

Right now I am at home, emptying my closet, getting ready to pack. Monday morning is our flight to NY then to DC. Getting ready is the part I dread the most.. 
taking everything out, sorting them from stuff that will stay here.. 
it's hard to part with family, why add the sadness of parting with my clothes to it.. 
but for 4 years I have been doing this.. I should get used to it.. 

1. dresses- tees etc
2. bikinis
4. lingerie

i guess this is enough, no?
what might I have forgotten?

August 27, 2010

#1 - up and coming

I really don't know what  are the guidelines for these ratings but I am really glad.. 
I am more than excited to share this with you.. 
as a new blogger, who knows very little about this world.. 
but here is my pride and my joy :)


Yesterday (8.26) mama and papa wanted to take me to a new place that I've never been before - for dinner.. to try something different.. try something they like.. since I am away from Istanbul so much, I can never keep up with the new places, locations that open up.. 
each time I come back, I am welcomed with new names, new menus to try..(I love it)
So, we went to a place called "delicatessen"
and by chance I had my camera with me.. I asked our waiter if it was OK for me to take photos, and she said yes.. 
without waiting a second, I started shooting flashes all around.. 
I caught the attention of a really nice lady.. 
turned out that she was the owner.. and by chance, she graduated from the university that I attend to.. 
small world!
AMAZING FOOD! I have to say! if you come to Istanbul, you should stop by!

Dear Delicatessen,
thank you for a warm welcome, a professional service, a wonderfully delicious meal.. 
the personnel was really nice, the food was really delicious, and the ambiance was incredible.. 

August 26, 2010


all 3 are made by me

drew barrymore

Since I first saw E.T, I loved Drew.. I think she has this cute face, beautiful face, that draws you in.. and her fun personality is an addition to it. 
when ever I read something about her, or just see a picture I get this tiny little smile on my face - like I know her or something. but the fact is she has that affect on other people I know too..
Once I even took a picture of her to my hairdresser and said - I want her hair..
it looked nothing like her hair but still I was young and naive. 
so here are a few pics I like of her..


ava smith

I am loving Ava Smith's hair color.. the matching to her skin tone, and the popping color of her blue eyes..
i love how her hair color just can seem like dark brown in one and red hair under another light.. 
images from fashiongonerouge

August 25, 2010

tears and a stranger

I never thought tears could run so easily.. have no limit, no end to their running.. rain might be a new name for them.. tears running down my cheeks.. with no reason, according to him..
crying like a psycho, like a maniac.. with no reason right..
because pain should be physical, inflicted on your skin..
that's not true.. pain does not have to come from someone else.. does not have to be physical..
it can be a word, a look, an expression..
it can be a mimic, a tension, a non-intimate kiss..
it hand be a touch, a non-touch, a no-feeling situation..
I don't know.. I can not think.. I cannot express my feelings, my thoughts!
I can not be me..
I am this other person, this someone else.. this stranger..
this woman that I do not know.. this person I hate..
I am not myself..
I am these tears running down my cheeks, a maniac crying with no reason, a disturbed girl with hardcore feelings..
I am this stranger with red eyes, a red nose, a disturbed look..
I am a stranger to myself.
A stranger to others.
I am a stranger to my tears..

white hair

there is this new thing going around.. white hair, gray hair.. I see more and more women dying their hair to these colors..a while ago many aged women I know were and even still are embarrassed because of the white hair they have.. they pay how-many-thousands of dollars to get their hair done' to look younger than they are.. 
however young women are paying the same amount to have the gray hair they are going to dread one day.. 
does that seem smart? maybe no..
but is that fashionable.. definitely yes...
(I thought of this new trend when I saw Alyona Osmanova on the Harper's Bazaar Singapore August 2010 issue) - (images by fashiongonerouge


there are certain brands that are important, that symbolize something, that mean something
there are certain brands that share a view among many, that have acquired a certain image over time.. 
there are certain brands that are known by many.. 
one that comes to mind is CHANEL

August 24, 2010

missing DC

I am counting days.. to go back to DC.. "Home" as I call it.. spending over 4 years there, being on my own, studying, making friends, losing friends, finding "my baby", crying, laughing, struggling, partying.. everything.. having a different life.. a better one that keeps calling me in..
I can not wait to go back to "my" home..
For some reason, even though this summer went with no breaks, no vacations, I still cannot wait for the school time rush..
the rush to the class, to get a coffee etc.
I just keep counting the days.. 6 left.. on the 30th of Aug we fly.. with "my baby"..
soon we will be home


Good Night, Good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.
William Shakespeare

And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.
Friedrich Nietzche

What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
William Shakespeare

taylor momsen

I used to like Taylor Momsen when I watched Gossip Girl. She used to be this little girl, who sew, who was liked by her friends and family. As she changed on the show, I think she changed in life..
the little girl that I saw, started to dress differently.. I could never judge! anyone, anyones fashion..
Fashion is a way of expressing self- I think, so judging ones clothes means judging that person- could never do that..
but to be honest - I liked the old Taylor Momsen better.


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