July 26, 2012

tattoo fever... again...

July 3, 2012


what’s up with the moustache phenomenon going on? where ever I look, I see some moustache here, some moustache there.. they are moustaching every where..

I do like the icon- the image.. yet being every where.. it’s like vampires all over again.. everything vampire.. here vampire, there vampire.. vampiring every where..


yet… the beard.. oh! man! the beard…

the beard does not suit every one.. not every one can pull it off.. yet I know some, (one) that can pull the beard.. and I love it..

no matter the reason why they might not be shaving – I am loving it.. IMG_3309

oh yes! this is my face to you if you don’t like the beard! suck it!

beard inspirations it is then….


July 2, 2012

perfect weekend with mommy

I had an amazing long weekend with mommy.. we went to Fethiye - Hillside... saw some friends from the Netherlands.. and enjoyed our mommy-daughter time together...
it had been a while since we spent some quality time together.. it was nice to catch up.. with daily lives so full, even though we live under the same roof, we don't get a chance to share our lives like we used too...
this weekend was special in that sense... love it.. and I am looking forward to the next one..


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