March 27, 2012


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March 26, 2012

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March 12, 2012


"hangisi daha zor, gercegi soylemek mi sevdiginin gozune baka baka.. yoksa ona yalan soylemek mi; git yerine kal demek isterken.. ne kadar saklayabilirsin ki gercegi.. hergun yurudugun yollardan gecicen, hergun gordugun yuzlere bakican.. ayaz sikistirdikca sikistiricak seni..
sen ciglik atmak isticeksin, o normale donmek.. sen gitti diye uzuleceksin, o git dedin diye..
ustune ustune gelecek herkes.. bir yere atmak isteyeceksin kendini.. bi yere.. neresi olursa.. yine de bitek sen bileceksin, kalmak gitmekten daha zor.. "

March 6, 2012

no more Paris

the only post I could write about Paris was Paris Day 1, no more to come.. as Paris is over.. I am on my way back home.. waiting at the airport for my flight.. (this post was meant for Sunday, March 4th)
Paris was life changing in a sense.. I am going through a change that I am not sure how to explain, put into words or even feel..

I guess you never know what's going to happen in a second later than now..

A friend asked me yesterday if I thought I was a good person or not? at first I said, I hope I was. He said he didn't ask me whether I hoped or not but what I thought about myself.. For a second (minute) I couldn't reply.. I thought about all the people I have hurt, in the past, in near past.. all the people who I might have offended in some way or another, disappointed..

I still do not have an answer to this.. I think it's not important what I think of myself but is important what others would say..
I wonder what my friends would say... what those in my past would say.. I do wonder..


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