August 15, 2010

I'm singing Lullabies

Had a lot of plans for yesterday; Saturday. Each of those plans failed. So we decided not to have any plans when we left.. And we had a good day.. 
First we went go-karting.. It was my first time, I actually was scared. But "my baby" wanted me to try it - so I did. 
mine just shut down - "my baby" tried to help

he hit me- and made me crash.. FUN!!!!

Everyone should try it! it's so much fun.. I held back this time.. but next time, we'll see how's gonna be spinning!
Then we had dinner with friends at an old fish restaurant.. we couldn't get to the fish- because we had to much meze..
but the time spent was worth it.. 
(we missed LaLa- wish you were with us) 
PS- LaLa is the one who encouraged me to start blogging- she gave me the push.. 
visit her blog here..

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