August 29, 2010

saying goodbye

today is my last day in Istanbul, tomorrow I have a flight to JFK then to DC.
I had to say my goodbyes.. so we went to my grandma's.. I saw my grandpa; who is sick.. 
and my wonderful, and lovely grandma.. who is the most kind, loving, good person I know..
she made me some plates that I love and miss when I am away.. she has been doing this for the past week..
its harder to say goodbye to the elders.. time just passes so quickly that I think we take them for granted.
I wish I had spent more time with my grandfather before.. now he just does no remember me- because he has Alzheimer..
it is just hard, to see the eldest in your family to become a baby, right in front of your eyes. the person who loves you a lot, to not remember you when you kiss him or hug him. for him to look in your eyes, and just look blank.. nothing.. no expression.. just the look of wonder, of searching, but no remembrance..

Anyway.. so, hours left to our flight.. thank god I am flying with "my baby"..
we have a disastrous connection to DC.. hours of waiting at JFK..
it is going to be a hard trip.. but thanks to Mama&Papa we are flying classy.. they gave us a gift :)
so.. last hours in istanbul:
I am in my room, blabbing..
Mama is in her room sleeping..
Papa is downstairs, watching TV and if I know him half asleep already..

this pic is on our way back home from grandma.. 
sad sad me!

I have to say goodbye to all of my friends.. I just miss them a lot when I am away..
but one has to get used to being separated..

so, goodbye istanbul and it's residents..
goodbye mama and papa..
i love you!
i miss you!(already, all the time)

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Miles Of Style said...

happy journey dearie! i hate long hours of waiting at the airports too...cheer up sweetie soon you shall be home.




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