July 30, 2010


I love summers. Girls in their short colorful dresses, boys in their short. Everyone is relaxed and in the mood to relax. However if you are living in a city and are working as I do then it is not that easy to relax. I have this internship at Microsoft, which is a great opportunity for me. I work with wonderful, friendly, kind, helpful, fun, knowledgeable people. The work environment is great- I can say nothing negative about my job or the work place. But traffic under the hot weather makes me daydream. I find myself dreaming that I was on a beach, sipping my frozen margarita, listening to my ipod, hugging "my baby".
I dream of entering cold waters, swimming for hours, tanning and just having fun with friends. And then I wake up. I'm in traffic for an hour, woke up at 7 to be at work at 9, but its 9 already and I'm late. Not nice. Not something that one wants to wake-up to after that perfect breezy dream..
But I must not complain.. I do make sure that I get my vacation time, by working hard during the week and going to the beach on the weekends. My next getaway is tomorrow and I can't wait for it.
I will join my parents and family friend for a hopefully wonderful 4 days. The only thing missing at that time will be "my baby".
Even though the thought of cold waters running through my body after staying under the sun for hours makes me excited, I still wish he was with me, holding my hand, brushing my hair with his fingers..
Our time will come-I know.
I love you baby!  I will be daydreaming of you..

Standard Supply

My favorite bag has become the Marc by Marc Jacobs Standar Supply Classic Denim Weekender Bag.
I have it with me everywhere I go.. (as you can see on the "rain" post)

Its huge! I can put everything I want and need. I don't like small bags which forces you to choose between your daily goods. I want to be able to carry my huge wallet, my makeup, colorful pens, my laptop because of work, and my dear calendar.

This bag is incredible because it carries it all and is still lite which allows you to put what ever comes in your hand.

Style.. do I even have to say anything?.. It's Marc Jacobs, a girls best friend :) Price- really affordable. And one of the best parts about this bag is it has a full-on zip, so keeping things in isn't an issue..

July 29, 2010


Its summer right? When weather was all sunshine and no clouds, in 2 seconds the blue skies turned grey.. Water and rain all over.
Shocked and soaked, me and "m" we ran to the side. We wondered through shops, hoping we would find an umbrella. An umbrella in the middle of july? Of course not an easy brake.
But at last we went into a store which sells really cute things, which I will post later on, called karinca, "ant".. Purple of course.. We got 2 purple umbrellas.. When I look at this picture all I want to say is "I'm singing in the rain" :)
No matter the rain.. No matter the grey skies.. Running under the rain, laughing-probably because we were shocked was a lot of fun.
Summer rain, autumn rain.. Its just rain.. And one must never forget that rain can be fun too.. If you have a purple umbrella then you can have more fun than others..

everyone must be ready

So, if you have an elderly in your family who is struggling with being old and being sick.. you know what I'm going to talk about.. or not even an elderly but someone who gets sick every other day and wants to see the doctor..

My grandfathers has alzheimers.. so I know what going to the hospital and having to spend weeks there means.. I know how hospitals work, with all their paperwork and all the prescriptions and all the different doctors you have to see.. all this crammed in your mind, it is more than easy to forget something..

I saw this incredibly handy little folder.. It is made just for your medical reasons, has a pad which you can note your next doctors appointment.. has sections which you can file your bills and other reports you got back.. everything you need to keep you medical history organized..

I know this will be handy because my mom does all the organizing for my family and also for both my grandma and grandpa.. She has different folders for the each of us.. Even if we have to go to see a doctor about anything, she has the folder with her, and has all the answers to what the doctor might ask..

My point is.. even though I started out by talking about the elderly, you don't need to be old to keep your medical history organized.. Having everything in order can make life easier, especially in emergencies.

So here is my suggestion: take a look at it..

Little Things that count..

Looking for little things that make life fun and more interesting.. A little pen that allows you to write little notes on a wine or champagne bottle..

a pen by oenophilia.. lets you write little messages for special occasions.. A "congratulations" on graduation, "I love you" on an anniversary..
How much more fun, exciting, different and romantic can a bottle get.. think of new ways to express yourself...

A mirror, that allows you to see whats happening behind you.. Is your boss about to come and check your work- close Facebook.. or is that new cute guy/girl about to pass you by..

July 28, 2010

back to school 2010

So, even though there is still time, going back to school is always exciting. I remember my first time, packing was hard.. I didn't know what to take with me since I was going about 5300 miles away from home. I wanted to take everything I had. not a smart choice. Most colleges have small dorms, you are not alone in that room, you share the space.. so be smart with your choices.. with time you'll see how much stuff you can buy in just 4 months to fill up that room.

1- Storage is really important.. make sure you have storage boxes.. use the space you have efficiently..

2- Closet you won't have the same space as you have back at home.. be smart.. find new ways of organizing you closet so you have space for your old clothes and the new ones..

3- Desktop you are going to have a lot of books and ofcourse your laptop with you all the time.. plan to have an organized desk so that once you wakeup 10 mins late for your 8:00am class you don't get the wrong book..

don't forget to design your part of the room as your own.. its going to be your home from now on... put pictures, posters, designs, what ever you want that you never had the chance to do.. make it your own.. own it.. have fun with it..

candle light

Birthdays I believe are special, they are a special occasion to give gifts, to celebrate life and share it with loved ones. Some people think a gift should be something expensive, but I believe it is the thoughts that count. A gift that reminds you of the person once you see it, is probably the best choice. ;I always try to bake a cake or little cupcakes for my friends on their birthdays, something I spent time on, I made and not store bought. However, I always forget to buy candles. -what is a birthday cake without its beautifully lit candles? I came across these different, creative ideas for candles while I was supposed to be working- shhh!

This one is a huge candle that will be enough, no need for a crowd. Once you but it on I'm sure everyone will be talking about it. And it will definitly be a suprise for the bday boy/girl..

2 others that caught my eye were, the matchstick candles and the lighter candles. The matchstick box has 12 candles whereas the lighter box has 6 in it. These 2 will be a reason for conversation because of there distinctness.

Isn't it better to be creative on an occasion like this than to just celebrate it with regular candles?

Make the bday person happy! - enjoy!

July 27, 2010

Death and Dying

I took a class named 'Death and Dying" at GWU. The name was so interesting and I had heard so much about the course that I had to try it as a Psychology major. We learned so much about death' what it is' how it is depicted since we are young till the day we actually die, what stages are there of dying, euthanasia, about Elizabeth K├╝bler-Ross, suicide, abortion and its history and many more that I could list but will take too long.

K├╝bler-Ross (1926-2004) was one thing that caught my attention through out the course. I never could forget her, how she explained death and stages of dying. One quote that stuck with me was:

It is only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth, and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up, that we will begin to live each day to the fullest; as if it was the only one we had."

How right is she? we all know that there is an end to the life we live, but we never acknowledge the life we do live. We always take things for granted, the small or the big. We know how to be happy,
as each of us had times that we were happy, but we never get stuck at that moment but instead we try to move on to the next- without fully living it.

Our time will be up one day.. who knows when.. some might say God decides it, some might just say traffic and a monster running over you will, or even just a friendly fire on a war zone. But one thing is sure that we all die someday. Either we are 1 hrs old or we are 100' our time will too come.

So what are we doing to make sure we have no regrets when that time comes, to say that we have fully lived our lives, laughed enough, loved enough, helped enough, and even asked for help enough.We need other people to survive, to grow and to die. Having someone with you while lying on your death bed, or being born to your mothers arms and giving your last breath, there should always be a loved when holding your hand.

am i getting too depressive, didn't mean too. Was actually just wondering about the loved ones we lost in my family and the ones we are getting ready to lose.

I hope each one of us, you, me, your loved ones, my loved ones- we all have a happy life, a fully lived one, with no regrets that would hold us back from giving our last breath.

destination -> cesme

Had a wonderful vacation this past weekend with my boyfriend and his friends. I was more than excited because I had a hard week at work, had to do a lot of phone calls and drafts.. It was time for a break..

We went to Cesme, Izmir- in the Aegian Region of Turkey. A wonderful place to relax, have fun, surf and many more things to do. We stayed at Alacati, incredible little town; little streets filled with cafes, restaurants and little shops.

When you enter the water, you have soft sand under your toes, cold water trying to reach your body, a little shiver, then your in..

I think everyone who visits Cesme would fall in love and just not wanna leave. - that's what happened to me. I didn't want to come back a desk full of paperwork waiting for me.

Anyways... Cesme, Cesme.. made all of happy..
We had such a good time, dined well, drank lots of alcohol, tanned-even though we didn't try, and swam more than we wanted.

Had a blast I must say. Had a wonderful time with my "baby". can't wait for our next get away.. hope its not too far..

cables cables everywhere

Technology makes life easier, that's for sure.. Cell phones, PDA's... Blackberry's (love) and iphones, laptops etc.
But with all this tech comes their cables, chargers, connections, different USB's etc..

My desk looks a mess- because of all the cables tangled and that are lying around.. I found this incredible little mini box that makes everything look proper..

Bluelounge, makes minimalist, modern designs that makes life easier. These little boxes come in different colors and you can fit them any where.



A 22 year old girl, senior in college, living in Washington DC, far away from home.. I guess this does summarize who I am... No, it doesn't but.. this is why I got this blog started.

I travel around, I love to read and write.. I love to take pictures. I love movies and TV shows..Listening to music is a daily routine..

Love, I am in love with Love.. You must believe in love, even if it might bring you heartache.. still that's the experience you need inorder to appreciate "the one".
I found "the one".. very special, very kind, and a very handsome boy.. you'll hear more about him later.. not now..
So, first post..
I'm excited but also a little afraid. I have a lot of ideas, but don't know where to start.how to keep this running.. by time I'm sure I'll get used to it..

I hear some asking, "what is this blog about?" - it's about everything and anything.. it's about life itself and what it might bring..

so, Welcome, and I hope you enjoy it..


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