August 27, 2010


Yesterday (8.26) mama and papa wanted to take me to a new place that I've never been before - for dinner.. to try something different.. try something they like.. since I am away from Istanbul so much, I can never keep up with the new places, locations that open up.. 
each time I come back, I am welcomed with new names, new menus to try..(I love it)
So, we went to a place called "delicatessen"
and by chance I had my camera with me.. I asked our waiter if it was OK for me to take photos, and she said yes.. 
without waiting a second, I started shooting flashes all around.. 
I caught the attention of a really nice lady.. 
turned out that she was the owner.. and by chance, she graduated from the university that I attend to.. 
small world!
AMAZING FOOD! I have to say! if you come to Istanbul, you should stop by!

Dear Delicatessen,
thank you for a warm welcome, a professional service, a wonderfully delicious meal.. 
the personnel was really nice, the food was really delicious, and the ambiance was incredible.. 

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