August 6, 2010

06 August

Today was supposed to be a special day for me.. I had plans to celebrate with "my baby".. however things don't always turn out the way we want them too.. I am kinda disapointed- I must say. For the last 8 months we have never spent the 6th away from heach other- no matter what.. and today.. he is in another city, getting ready for his cousins wedding.. and yes- I'm not invited to that wedding (why should I be?).
I didn't make it to work today.. I overslept, wasn't feeling so good. Sleeping past 7am felt rejuvinating.. Then I had to see my dentist because of my broken tooth- oh yes! Last night while I was eating akind of roasted chickpea I felt this click in my mouth.. and what do I see... I have a piece of my tooth in my palm.. - not a nice feeling.. watch those idoitic chickpeas.. so, after 2 hours of check-ups and cleanings and getting a patchwork done in my mouth, I am feeling tired and sad.. for some reason.. any ideas why?
Well.. now I'm in my parents' office.. writing about my "fantastically lovely" day.. waiting for them to get out of a meeting so that we could eat something..the best part of my day!FOOD
The real pad thaiImage by Smaku via Flickr

We planned to go to our favorite Thai place- Pera Thai.. If you are ever in ─░stanbul you should try it.. the location is perfect if you want to do something else later on, or just want to eat something after a long day..
Everything on the menu is great.. however my favorite: Chicken Pad Thai! Incredible... mmmmmm! I'm hungry now..

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