August 4, 2010

3 people

I am an only child. The only daughter of my parents. The only thing they love. The only thing they care about. The only thing they live for. My father always said that we just have each other in life, no one else, that our family consisted of 3 people. Other family members, even though they are close to us, they are not "us"- they might try to hurt us or just hurt us without knowing. Family members should stick together.
Me, leaving home for school, seemed to be the perfect idea for me. The perfect get-away from all the "only-child-burdens". However, I never thought of the perfections of being the only child: the constant care, the demand and supply chain, the feeding, the cleaning, the hugging and the kissing.. I never gave thought to what I was leaving behind.
As years passed, I got used to being missed and also missing them. By time, one gets used to BBM'ing, PING'ing, or skype'ing.. you get used to imagening the kisses given over the webcam hitting your cheeks, or the tears running down your mothers cheeks from the sadness in her soft voice.
As you try to hide the sad feelings from them so that they don't feel bad, you forget that they are doing the same to you. Once you leave home you are not just the only child of the house, but you are the only child that is away from home and is alone.They think of you likethe Little Red Riddig Hood, wondering in the woods unaware of the wolf waiting to eat her.
But you shall realize that the many things we dreaded of our families actually help in life. The suggestions mom gave helped me in class, while shopping or just with friends.. in life.. My dad, my hero, always gave me a kiss and a wonderful smile, every morning.. and that's what I miss the most.. being woken by the very person you love, with just joy and happiness in their eyes.
I always was jelous of my parents.. of their relationship, their bond, their struggles together.. just their love and friendship.. I always wanted to be part of it but saw myself as an outsider.. they told me that I was the one that made that bond stronger however as a kid I never believed it- I still don't.. even though I know I am special I still believe that there is something more special than me..
anyways.. this 3 people went through alot together. we struggled, we laughed, we cried, we jumped, we exalerated, we hit bottom.. but we always had eachother.. just the us 3.. I love you!

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