January 25, 2011

pure little ducklings

January 19, 2011

boyish allure




amazing! i want all of these looks...  the 2nd picture stole my heart..


I know that everyone remembers the Guess Fall 2010 ad campaign
these images have been the center of attention for a long time!
believe me!: so will these!






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how hard can it be to pack a 1 bedroom apartment?
apparently really hard.. 

I started with books and DVD's and moved into my closet.. 
but I feel bad putting each garment into a space bag or my luggage.. 
I feel I am disobeying this code between us.. 

Like I am putting them away for good.. 
but I guess it is better than giving them away or just throwing them.. I will be taking them back with me which is the whole point.. 

I have so many memories in this apartment.. each piece of decoration or junk just brings out the feelings I had when I got them..
packing them into boxes is not easy.. 

sorry for being such a bad blogger.. all my time spent here, I want it to count.. I am not spending much time on my computer.. 
I am either out with "my baby" and friends or I am packing..(tying to anyways)

but.. hope to see you soon

January 17, 2011


About a week or two weeks ago, "my baby" and I went to get our new passports.. 
the more modernized and more tech friendly ones.. 

we had to give fingerprints for those.. 
and there, from the friendly police officer we learned that there were various kinds of fingerprints and names for each.. and various categories.. 
there is the Arch, the Loop, the Whorl, and the Tented Arch.. and each has several categories.. 
{I think "my baby" might like this post}

When I saw the art of Kevin Van Aelst I had to share this with you.. 
he makes fingerprints out of everyday objects.. 
and things I never imagined to see as fingerprints.. 

here are some I found:


images via: 1 and 2

D&G ad campaign/flower girls

I am really liking the D&G spring ad campaign
the girls look like modernized nymphs.. all in colorful flowers.. 
the light and the background used just adds to the whole feeling.. 

I just get this joy when I look at these pictures, don't you? 


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back at home, for the last time

For years I called this 1 bedroom apartment my home.. 
For years I knew this city as my home town, as a familiar place, I claimed to know the best places in town, and all the other joys.. 

Washington, DC was home for me for these past almost 5 years.. 
but in 2 weeks I have to say goodbye to home and go back to Istanbul to start a new life, a new plan, a whole new different stage of my lifetime. 

First I was a baby, then a student and now I will become a working grown up..
I wish I could have started my career in DC (at home), close to those who I keep closest to my heart..
but when life gives you an opportunity, you have to take it or else I just might have made the biggest mistake in my life. 

I know it is not going to be easy, it is not going to be al pleasant and fun.. but instead it is going to be educating, tiring, frustrating yet satisfying.. (I hope)..

"my baby" and I are going to have to work hard at somethings, make sacrifices, be understanding, listen, talk and communicate better, show affection in ways that might be new to us, maybe even learn how to write a letter and send it from the post office for the first time.. 
Special days, like a birthday or Valentine's day might be celebrated over Skype, or a package sent to an address.. or just one rose that has been dried for a few moths and a memory from the past.. 

For the last time I am at home.. and I only have 15 days to pack, store and ship everything.. everything that I have saved in this 1 bedroom apartment, all my memories with friends and my sweet "my baby".. has to be bubble wrapped and stored in a climate controlled box..how un-romantic is this?

I have blabbed more than I should.. 
last point: 
we are back in DC... 

January 15, 2011

another last night affair

yet another Last Night in Istanbul, yet another Last Night to spend with parents for a while.. 
yet another Last Night affair.. 

however, things are different now..
I am not packing like crazy, putting everything I will miss in my luggage.. 
Instead I am putting small luggages into bigger ones, using space and just taking 2 skinny jeans and maybe a sweater.. yes, that is it!
how come? 

I believe more of you know that I am moving back to Istanbul than any of my friends' do. 
none of them do except for Ali and a couple of girl friends and ofcourse "my baby" and our friends.. 

but from DC: none!

I feel really weird.. I feel not as myself today.. because I don't have that feeling I usually have when I go to the states.. 
I am not anxious.. I am not rushing from one room to another.. I am just plain.. 
Plain doing nothing.. and writing a post.. 

I look at my saying goodbye post from last August.. a post about yet another last night in Istanbul.. 
things are different.. I believe you can feel the difference even in my words.. 

January 14, 2011

inspiration board

I really like the combination.. however what I like the most is the blouse and the tie!

i believe we all learn this everyday in our lives..

effortless chic! really like the black and the white.. also the bangs of course..

after watching The 4th kind (soon to write a review of- hopefully) I am obsessed with owls..
well I was after Harry Potter too..

I sleep in them: and my dad hates me for it ..

it would be amazing to fly.. to move in air as you wish.. wouldn't it?
I certainly wouldn't hang like this.. but would try to do a back flip.. 

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