August 25, 2010

tears and a stranger

I never thought tears could run so easily.. have no limit, no end to their running.. rain might be a new name for them.. tears running down my cheeks.. with no reason, according to him..
crying like a psycho, like a maniac.. with no reason right..
because pain should be physical, inflicted on your skin..
that's not true.. pain does not have to come from someone else.. does not have to be physical..
it can be a word, a look, an expression..
it can be a mimic, a tension, a non-intimate kiss..
it hand be a touch, a non-touch, a no-feeling situation..
I don't know.. I can not think.. I cannot express my feelings, my thoughts!
I can not be me..
I am this other person, this someone else.. this stranger..
this woman that I do not know.. this person I hate..
I am not myself..
I am these tears running down my cheeks, a maniac crying with no reason, a disturbed girl with hardcore feelings..
I am this stranger with red eyes, a red nose, a disturbed look..
I am a stranger to myself.
A stranger to others.
I am a stranger to my tears..

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