August 28, 2011

I was trying to describe you to someone..


sent to me by my dear friend Ozu’m.. had to share it with you…

August 25, 2011


There are times when I think about him.. just about his laugh, about his lips.. about his eyes.. I just thing about the hair on his arms.. the details that make him.. the sound of his voice, how it changes when he is sad and when he is happy.. i like thinking about him.. it just puts a smile on my face.. lights my insides.. i feel happy and free.. I am deeply in love with the way he holds me, the way he touches me.. I am in love with the way he makes me feel, each time we talk,.. I am in love with the butterfliues I get when I am to see him.. I get butterflies after all this time.. he just makes me happy! I love putting my head on his shoulder and feeling safe; like no one in this world can touch us, nothing can brake us.. I am in love with his eyes, the way they look at me and see me.. who I am and what I want.. I love thinking about him day and night.

August 24, 2011

miu miu lusting

Tell me these shoes aren't amazing? you can't!
 these are gorgeous! each and every one of them! I am adoring their style.. while I was looking at these pictures, I was dreaming where I would wear these, with what outfit..
I am mesmerized!

And this.. this one is my favorite.. I think it is just gorgeous! I want to wrap it in silk and sleep with it!
Maybe I can get it as a present ;)

August 23, 2011


gozlerinde neseyi de buldum huznu de.. seni buldum ben kendimde.. sende beni aradim bir sure.. bulamazsin dediler ama buldum.. ikimiz bir olduk.. bin olduk dunyaya karsi.. senleyken tektik bu dunyada.. kimse yok gibiydi etrafimizda.. gozlerinde kendimi buldum ben.. nasil hissettigimi yansittin hep, sende yasadin benimle ayni duygulari.. beraber yasadik icimizdekini, disimiza yansittik biz senle hep bizi..
bazen seni seviyorum dememe bile gerek kalmadi, cunku sen anlarsin hep bakisimdan icimden gecenleri.. sinirli oldugumu bilmezken kendim, sen soyleyince gelir aklima sinirim… yada yorgunlugumu anlarsin, sesimin kisilmasindan.. ben yorgun hissetmezken bile.. yada reddederken yorgunlugu kendimce..
iyi ki girdin hayatima.. en yakin arkadasim oldun bana.. elimden tuttun, hastayken yanimda oldun.. zorluklari atlattik, mutluluk yarattik her olayda, her saniye.. mutluluk bizim oldu..
biz bir olduk butun olduk mini.. seni cok seviyorum

August 22, 2011


I have recently become obsessed with Pink (the color).. Even though I do not wear pink that much, I am liking it where ever, whom ever I see it on.. I would never imagine wearing a whole pink suit, or an outfit.. but some people just do look gorgeous!
the first few pictures are linked – click on them for the source.. the last 2 I am not so sure where I got them from.. they are from my own archives..


"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion."

                                                                                   ~The Dalai Lama

back in business!

Back from resting for 20 days... I am back in business! I am back in the office, back at work.. reading and deleting and replying to emails all day.. figuring out what it was that I do at work and what functionality I have..
It feels good to be back..!

we had an amazing weekend.. spending time with friends does boost ones morale and happiness levels.. I did learn to appreciate friends more while I was in the hospital.. everyone needs a support group, a circle of friends that they can rely on.. and you know what, it doesn't matter if you know people for 20 years or just for a few months, because people can surprise you.. those you have known the longest may not even be there for you, but those you have just known for a few months may not even leave your bedside and try to be there with you through it all... so, please do tell those friends you have how much you love and appreciate them.. because I learned it the hard way!

August 19, 2011

weekend break

after a long wait at home (and the hospital phase) I am off to cesme! with "my baby" for an amazing weekend... 

we are going to spend our weekend with amazing friends - Lala, MNU89, Deniku, and EceO .. precious people I have met, thanks to "my baby"... these people have been good friends to me, dear friends.. have supported me while I was in the hospital, like I was one of their own.. have been with me everyday through it all.. now, it is time to celebrate and have some fun.. so no posts from me during this weekend.. but I do plan to come back with some pictures and good memories to share.. 

Hope you all have an amazing weekend! 

August 17, 2011

dedikodu bulusmasi

her oturup sohbet ettigimizde, sohbetimiz bizi bugunden dunlere, sonrada gelecege 20 sene sonrasina, 30 sene sonrasina goturuyor.. her seferinde dunku cocuk halimize geri donuyoruz, sonra da hayal kurup gelecekteki bizler olmaya calisiyoruz.. Lala ile her bulusmamiz, yedigimiz brownie kadar tatli, icineki beyaz cikolata kadar da mukemmel geciyor.. ben kendimi inanilmaz rahat hissedip, icimi dokuyorum.. onun degisiylede dedikodu bulusmamiz hayatimizdaki anilarimizi ve isteklerimizi anlatmamiz ile devam ediyor.. 

icilen yesil cayin ve kahvenin sicakligi icimizi isitirken, sohbetimiz yuzumuzde gulucukler acmasina neden oluyor.. sohbetimiz oyle koyu ve dolu ki, bir yerden baslayip baska bir yerde bitiyor sohbetimiz.. bir insan ile baslayip, yuzlercesi giriyor isin icine.. basladigimiz noktayi hatirlayip geri donuyoruz, ama asla basladigimiz noktada olamiyoruz. 


via riot mode


via streetfsn

August 15, 2011

neon/color necklaces


{via nobodyknowsmarc}

{all 3 via streetfsn}

men and details

Love the details.. the little bits of information hidden in the whole.. 

love the car bracelet! where can I  get one?

amazing detail! such a good gift idea!

 all images via streetfsn (my new addiction)

August 14, 2011

new hair

I got a new haircut! After leaving the hospital, and all that cortisone that I took, I felt like my hair got - plain.. it just wasn't healthy.. so, it was time to cut it off...
the photo above is right when I left the "coiffeur".. and the below are taken just for fun.. 

the color is not obvious in any of the photos, but I am loving the color of my hair - nothing done to it.. but when it got short, the blond parts (the tips) got cut off, so now, I have my natural color and a few highlights within.. which I am loooviinnggg right now.. mama and papa like the cut, so do my friends.. and as for "my baby" even though he is not much of a fan of short hair, I think he likes it too.. 

like it???


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