June 30, 2011

I wish....

do I even need to complete the sentence... but anyways.. I wish I was here right now, with "my baby", swinging on the hammock.. this place looks amazing, so romantic.. just energizing..

June 28, 2011

house of holland / rainbow

RAINBOW STRIPES! in love with these pieces.. I would wear each and every one of these!

via fgr


this was me at work yesterday!

June 26, 2011


OK, so here is what is happening in my life.. 
"my baby" is back.. and as you might see, I am so happy! happier than ever.. 

and, I am wearing glasses now.. 
what do you think? I actually think it suits "my baby" so much better.. 
and so it is.. I need to get used to wearing glasses now.. 

June 24, 2011

inspiration board*

love her bangs

big bang theory - rocks! BAZINGA!

ugly dog! but cute!

I want these.. I want to make them.. and then eat them..

I still can never get it right.. 


love.. ain't it great?

happens to me all the time!

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By the time you make it to 1st grade, you learn how important friends are.. you learn that life is hard without friends.. first day of school you try to spot the person that you think you will be friends forever..
I'm sure many of you are like me.. I have friends I have known all my life.. I have lots contact with some.. time does that.. and then there are those who come into our lives when you are all grown up.. those who have lived and who have been hurt.. who can appreciate real friends and friendships.. so this post goes out to all of my friends.. who I have met, one time or another.. who are in my life now.. and those who are not - for what reason it may be.. I cherish your friendship and the memories you have given me, and those that we will form together.

Derin - specifically you.. this post goes out to you!
Thank you for being my friend, being my brother, being in my life.. and always and always listening to me.. no matter what.. and thank you for loving me the way you do.. :) I love you too...

P.S - "my baby" is coming home.. he will land in 2 hours, so you can guess my excitement..

June 22, 2011

neon and tan

I wish I could say"I want this" specifically... however not this time ladies and gents.. 
I want a solid tan, brownish, caramel-ish, dark-ish color.. I want the neons Erin has on.. amazing.. 
don't these neons look amazing on tanned skin? I guess this is the secret to wearing neons... 

And look how easy and effortless it looks?

so now, I am thinking of my self on the beach, laying on the sand.. which is burning my feet, that extends over the towel.. Gosh, I really wanna be there.. so, I am wearing the neon glasses and the neon suit, and on it I have my pink neon dress... may I be the neon angel?

via fgr

June 20, 2011

4 more days

I am back to counting days.. we are at day 4.. 4 more days until “my baby” is back in Istanbul.. 4 more days until I can see him, touch him, feel him next to me.. 4 more days I have to keep it cool, act normal and live the life I am getting used to live.. but after the 4 days, I will wear my pretty dress and get ready to welcome “my baby”.
During our experience away from each other I realized the potential of bonding; long distance relationship has given us. First I was afraid, I was petrified.. I was really scared that we weren’t going to make it thru. However as time passed, things got easier, we both realized the love in between and mostly the trust we have for each other.. that made things easier. Yes, it is hard.. to be away from your loved one, from your best friend. But I believe this long distance thing has made us stronger.
If you are going into a long distance relationship there are points which you should be ready to accept.. like we did. The thing is we spent 24 hours together for the most of our relationship, from the start, until the day I had to move back to Turkey for work. Until then we had never thought about the future, of the consequences of our relationship. But once it was time for me to come to Turkey, the truth came out. You have to accept that nothing will be the same again. Not the converstations, not the interaction, the intimacy, the friendship or the relationship. It becomes another step in your life, it becomes something else. The first week away seems to be the toughest, but for me I think it was the easiest. Because before you leave eachothers side, you play in your mind the sadness you will feel once that you are away. And that actually makes it easier. But then comes the 2nd week away, and then things get tough. You are faced with the truth. If you can make it without any fights or disagreements then believe me a month away, or 6 months away passes quickly. Then comes the time for you to be together. Once you begin the countdown, the last week is the hardest. Because you know there are only a few days in between you and your "baby" to meet again, to be together, the same again. You wait, you wait. the day comes.. the day that you feel you will see fireworks, and magical dinner conversations.. that does not happen. Yes, you probably will have butterflies, and feel like the fireworks are popping inside of you, but believe me there are non when you go to see him. It just depends on you. I actually feel like I am in "love actually" the movie, the airport scene.. I love that scene.. I believe that each first time I see him, we are in that movie. I will be lying if I said it's not magical. Everything is magical when I am with him. the simplest conversation is magical, but I guess that's what love is.. all magic.
So, what ever I was saying, just bla bla.. the thing is "my baby" is coming home.. and I can not wait any longer to have him, here with me for 2 months.. I can't wait for him to be close to me.. I just can't wait... 4 more days..

June 18, 2011

I want this dress

not much is needed to say.. dress from Chloe. I think I am in love with how it flows.. I know I said I want these pants.. but believe me, I want this dress more..              via Vogue

June 17, 2011

lanvin resort favorites


 I want this dress!!!

I like this one too.. don't you?

June 15, 2011

June 14, 2011

i want these pants - asap please

I can't remember where I found this picture at.. 
but believe me I dreamt about them.. 

DVF Resort

I have accepted that for a while I am not going to be able to accept the fact that I will not have the "resort" experience.. to say this out loud, believe me, is really horrific - but one has to accept their limits.. 
starting a new job (t has only been 5 months) and using 8 days of 16 day leave for graduation has left me in this spot.. 

but anyways - that doesn't mean that I can not dream that I am those models, wearing Diane's gorgeous garments.. here you are ladies and gents.. DVF.. 


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