August 25, 2010

white hair

there is this new thing going around.. white hair, gray hair.. I see more and more women dying their hair to these colors..a while ago many aged women I know were and even still are embarrassed because of the white hair they have.. they pay how-many-thousands of dollars to get their hair done' to look younger than they are.. 
however young women are paying the same amount to have the gray hair they are going to dread one day.. 
does that seem smart? maybe no..
but is that fashionable.. definitely yes...
(I thought of this new trend when I saw Alyona Osmanova on the Harper's Bazaar Singapore August 2010 issue) - (images by fashiongonerouge

1 comment:

sarah said...

i have to say...i love the white hair look on younger women. I encourage my friends to bleach their hair, believe it or not, when they don't know what color to go for. I'm not a fan of blonde AT ALL, but if they go a few extra steps to get the white, then I don't just seems to look sexier, artistic, professional, when you see it. White hair is supposed to resemble intelligence or "wise". lol I don't know...


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