August 10, 2010

missing you & a happy bday

I have been missing "my baby" for the last 4 something days.. He went to his cousins wedding and I stayed in Istanbul. Talking on the phone and BBMing isn't the same thing, with feeling his touch on my hand, or knowing the smell on his warm neck.. The softness of his black shiny hair.. I just missed him..
I was supposed to see him yesterday, but it was Mina's Bday! (happy birthday hon)!!! and we had to celebrate it! Had wonderful dinner with a wonderful view of the Bosphorous.. ahh Sushiiii.. I love me some sushi..

So anywhooo.. I couldn't see "my baby" yesterday.. and today is the day.. I am at work counting minutes to pass.. praying time passes quick now and stops when I see him..
I missed him so much.. I'm not used to being away from him for this long.. and I hope we never have to be away from each other.. that wouldn't be fun.. it would be painful I think..

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