April 29, 2011

the wedding

Just like the whole world did, I watched the Royal Wedding live on TV. Even though I was at work, we all were gathered infront of a PC or infront of a tv to get a glance at the wedding, to wait and see Kate's wedding dress... 
I was speechless and amazed at the beauty I saw.. 
I never payed any attention to Kate before.. but today, she was gorgeous.. 
(and yes, I am aware - it is her wedding day)

No, but I am sure you get what I am trying to say.. 
the details on her dress, the elegance, the modern and young touch.. 
I think she had the perfect wedding dress ever!

Personally, I would love and just love to wear her dress! 
It is going in my book of inspirations -  to the whatever and how many years I have ahead of me to dream of - my own wedding that will hopefully become a reality one day.. 

April 26, 2011

furnish and decorate / amazing!

I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them.. all images are from 9gag.com !

First is the book bed! what an idea! amazingly fun!

this is an incredible design.. can you imagine the view...
you are swimming over your garden.. or your entrance door..
it might be scary (a little) but the idea of it is just - amazing!

everyone has corners in their house... (I have never seen a room without corners - this might be a design idea by the way)
so these frames, might actually bring something new to the table..
sick and tired of the straight wall frames.. then buy these!
wonder where we can get them! ?

can't get pets in your building - like me - then get fish..
and what better than this?
this is just amazingly beautiful! so inspirational..
it looks like a hamster playground- but for fish!

on life and losing weight

For those who know me personally, might know that, (if you are not blind you definitly should know that), I gained weight during this past year. Due to binge eating with "my baby". I think all we did before I  moved back to Turkey was to eat.. anything and everything.. We loved eating.. and I think we still do.

Well, the point is.. after I moved back to Turkey I decided to lose weight.. because I started to not like the person I saw in the mirror.. and well did not fit into my favorite pants.. so that was it! I was going to lose weight! My goal: lose 10 kg's, in 3 and a half months.

Well ladies and gentelman, after 3 months I lost 8 kg's and I am still counting.. I don't think I am going to make my goal weight in my wanted timeframe.. but I still do feel proud.. and even though it doesn't show much (that I lost weight) I feel amazing! I feel healthy, I fit better into my clothes, and I actually feel prettier.

I am not one of those girls who wants to be a size zero! I could never be! believe me! Not even if I starved myself, my hips would not fit into a size zero, and I love that about my body.. I love by curves!

But I do want to be healthy and fit, and I do want to suprise "my baby" once he sees me months later..

anyways.. I just wanted to share my excitement with you..

April 25, 2011


I do not have a photo from my phone today.. these are what I got while on break at work..
however I really wish I was the one who took this photo! I would love to meet this boy!
Future Hipster!  via

April 23, 2011


5 things I want!!

I want a sewing machine! and I want the ability and the knowledge to use the sewing machine to create.. 
to create anything.. clothing, or just stuff.. I just want to know!

I want to read! Read all the books in the world, from past to present.. I wish I had all the time to read..

I want to play! I want to play Monopoly and other board games constantly. I miss playing games! 

I want to create Junk Journals! This is a must for me.. This is on the top of my to do list now.. But first I have to learn how it is done ! :) 

I want to be with "my baby" as soon as possible.. 13 days left.. and counting 

what do you want? 

April 21, 2011


I decided to do a visual diary (VD).. this is the first of all to come.. either taken from my windows phone 7 or from my blackberry, you might find pictures specificly taken on that day.. or if I have forgotton to take one that day, (which is really possible) ones from the past..
so here starts a new series of posts.. please do let me know..

taken with Windows Phone 7

April 20, 2011

so, what do you think?

first and foremost, please tell me what you think about these glasses?
these belong to one of my mom's best friends..
she is so stylish and I do love her style.. so as soon as she put these on, I grabbed them and wanted to try them on.. so, WHAT DO YOU THINK?
they are in red.. I never would think that I would like red glasses but I actually loved these..
should I get them?

and on to my next question..
so one of my bestest friends' sister is getting married, in a week.. I am wearing a long Marni dress, hopefully! and I am thinking of getting my hair braided.. like one of these?
and yes, this also goes back to my braids post
So, what do you think?

thank you!!


I adore braids.. I adore any kind of braid..
these are just adoreable.. and I want to try each and every one of these..
I do some of them but would love to be a braid professional and do all of them on my own..
these braids would make every morning so much easier..
waking up at 7 am, taking a shower and then spending time deciding what to wear, and how to wear your hair, is a hustle.. so instead, you could take the "how to wear your hair" from the equation and spend more time deciding what you will wear.. while braiding your hair..
(that did ryhme, didn't it..)

does anyone know how to do this braid (below)???
if you do please let me know!

April 17, 2011


I want studs, on my jackets, jeans, shoes, boots.. anywhere and everywhere.. stud, stud, stud! 
Amazing aren't they.. they give this bad a** chic vibe.. 
I wish I could pull it off.. 
but for now, I will just adore these studs!

via weheartit

a diamond in the roughage

I sincerely do not  like this shoot! it is too much I think.. the going green, veggie idea seems clever however I think T magazine took it a step too much.. I think it is tiresome and just does not make sense! 

scary isn't it?
images via fgr

coachella mixpirations


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