February 27, 2012

Paris–Day 1

A sleepless night, an early flight.. 3 youngsters go to Paris.. LeCan, Sarpero and I..

After a flight filled with dancing (sleeping for LeCan) we landed in Paris.. got to our hotel and then threw ourselves onto the streets of Paris..

After walking for an hour around our hotel, we took the metro to Concorde.. walked a little over to Champs-Elysees then went into one of my favorite places: L’avenue..

A little bit of our yesterday:

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February 24, 2012

happy birthday

this is a late post.. yet, there is no time to say how much I love you.. and how lucky I am to have you in my life..

My bestest best best friend RKA had his birthday last Monday, 20th of Feb..


A nice group of friends met at Lucca – amazing spot.. (I really should do a post about Lucca – if you knew how much time I spend there you would agree)

anyways.. back to the birthday.. last year I wasn’t with Kaan during his birthday which made me sad.. since we spent a whole lot of birthdays together..

my dear Kaan, I don’t think I said it much.. I think I should say it again.. I am so lucky to have you in my life.. as a friend, as family..

You are so dear to me that words cannot explain.. you are my safe place, which I come to, where I know there are no bad feelings, no heartaches, no prejudices.. just simple love.. just simple 1:1 time..

Happy Birthday Love.. May all the happiness be yours..

February 12, 2012

photos photos 2

and the gang..

IMG_7196IMG_7197IMG_7199IMG_7230IMG_7231       IMG_7252

photos photos

remember I said I went on a stroll around Istanbul to take photos.. I was with a group, kind of a photography class..

and here are some photos which captured me..




A recent stroll around Istanbul.. just to take photos, just to enjoy Istanbul..

here are some of what I have captured..


February 4, 2012

did it again

and got another haircut.. yes, I could only wait 6 months.. don't blame me cause I don't have any self control.
I have been draging Alexa Chung's photos with me and showing them to "my baby", friends and colleagues..

and here's what I turned out to look like.. I know I am no Alexa.. so I wasn't expecting much..
however I do like my new haircut.. it is quite short.. the shortest I've had in a while..

              DO YOU LIKE IT??

Have a wonderful Saturday..

February 3, 2012

valentine’s day

we are so close to another valentine’s day.. there is no reason to put much meaning on this day if you ask me.. if you are with someone, if you do have that special someone in your life, everyday should feel like valentine’s day.. if not then your single status should feel the same as each other day.. it really should.. there is not much reason to be in extra love or to feel depressed due to your relationship status..
however.. due to valentine’s day I love seeing new products, designers being inspired by this “special” day..
and here is my recent finds..
I am loving Prada’s special Valentine’s day accessories.. aren’t you?
photos via highsnobette


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