May 31, 2012

time to travel…

I really feel like it is time to travel.. to escape.. to go some place..

in which I can relax.. have fun.. sip some margaritas, satsuma’s.. have some shots....

I just wanna soak under the sun.. get a tan.. get in to the ice cold sea.. and just be happy..


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May 28, 2012


istanbul is all rain today.. this has been going on for weeks now.. a day full of sunshine, but then showers..

we are not feeling Summery unfortunately..




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May 16, 2012


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Need some sunshine, a warm night breeze with a Rose in hand, need to feel the hotness of the sand and cool of in cold waters.. need some summer inspiration…

May 14, 2012

yesterday’s mistakes

just wanted to share this amazing song! Yesterday’s Mistakes by Oi Va Voi …

Yesterday’s Mistakes


Don't need another resolution to feel
As though I'm going somewhere, somewhere

You said you needed me
Or at least that's what I thought
At times the memories
Seem to be knocking at my door
I've seen the film a million times
Feels like I wrote the storyline
I refuse to replay
The mistakes that we made yesterday

I like to think I'm stronger now
Victim of common sense
The truth is that I know I still
Confuse the past with the present tense
Condensing what we had
To a single frame
That sticks in my mind
As I try to move on
The same image comes back every time

They were yesterdays mistakes
And they were yesterdays mistakes
Yesterday's mistakes

Forgive my selfishness
I'd be grateful if you can
Forget my ingratitude
You think I'm twice the girl I am
They say we should forgive
But not forget
What has gone before
I refuse to replay
The mistakes that we made yesterday
And they were yesterdays mistakes
Yesterday's mistakes
They were yesterdays mistakes
I refuse to replay
The mistakes that we made yesterday
I refuse to replay
The mistakes that we made yesterday

May 12, 2012

ee hadi uyanmak gerek...

uzun bir cuma gecesinden, bitmek bilmeyen eglenceden sonra...

artik bence uyanmak gerek.... hadi uyaaaaaan!!!

May 8, 2012

love is…the whole world


Met Ball

Above are my three favorite looks from the Met Gala..
I am loving the blue/purple/cobalt hue on Diane Kruger..
The pinkish hue suits Emily Blunt.. the cut of her gown is amazing..
What can I say about Heidi Klum.. she is just amazing.. and looks lovely in the mini/long lace dress…
As per the below.. I have nothing to say.. other than how can someone do this to themselves??? I am no fashion critic – yet.. yes, I' better shut-up!

May 7, 2012

natural looks


Loving these natural looks.. the natural big “wavy” hair.. the au naturale makeup..

Wanna try these 3 looks..




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