January 30, 2012


So, I did a post about SNOW yesterday.. and today Istanbul is all white..
it has been snowing non-stop..
I made a hand sized snowman.. first thing I did as I came into the office..
cute right?
But people either said it looked like a penguin or KIWI..  - I guess they are right! I can see the resemblance..
Have a wonderful snowy day..

January 27, 2012

diamonds are a girls best friend

loving these diamond prints Lanvin is using..
aren't you?

January 23, 2012

best boyfriend ever

I was sitting here thinking what I forgot to write about.. 
"my baby" of course.. 

During the time I have away form writing on "seeking happiness", my baby and I celebrated our 2 years together.. and as anniversaries go - we both got some gifts.. 

one of my gifts was a lust and a want I shared here on "seeking happiness"on Aug 24 - miu miu lusting post..

"my baby" bought me some bling bling shoes.. 


I'm obsessed with neon these days

click on images for sources

January 22, 2012

funny girl

my moms usual words about me are "funny girl".. when I do something or say something out of the ordinary - unusual..
so again tonight those were her words for me: funny girl.. as I found an inspiration and tried it out..

My inspiration:

and me:


inspire me * prints

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January 21, 2012


change happens so quick in life.. one second makes a difference as does the time frame of a year..
so much happens in 1 year that is made up of all the seconds that make up a minute..

One has no option other than to comply with the change brought upon them.. there is no street that will make the road shorter nor a door to exit from..

think of this last week.. I am sure you had seconds that changed your whole day.. a comment made in the morning that made you smile, a women who walked in front of you suddenly while driving that made you startle.. of just a headache that got you to sleep and missed your favorite TV show...

I know these are not huge changes in ones life.. but what I am trying to get at is.. a minute counts in life.. you never know what might happen in just a second..
change is how life progresses.. how we move forward..
if there wasn't any change in our lives we would be stuck.. frozen..

January 12, 2012


I went to a 2 day training with fellow colleagues.. it was plain amazing.. before going no matter how much I tried not to be, I was still cynical about it. Not knowing what to expect got thousands of questions in my mind..

yet.. believe me, those 2 days- as I said- were amazing.. I learned so much new stuff about myself, and about others.. I learned of new ways to know people – a certain way that you usually don’t think much about..

One of the highlights of the event was about “getting out of your comfort zone” and getting into what we call the “growth and learning zone”.. trying to move ahead and not stay in the same place more than a while..

another highlight was about Energy and Attitude.. Positive and Negative Attitude, High and Low Energy.. which of the 2 classifications would you see yourself in?

do you have a positive attitude and a high energy? or you do have a negative attitude and a high energy? or you are negative and have low energy? etc etc.. you get my drift right?

So about this whole attitude and energy thing – I tried to find a place for myself.. and got to question myself even further.. I do have high energy and positive attitude most of the time.. but as life goes, one is never always that happy (not sure if happy is the right word but still).. there are days when I do not have the energy to move a finger yet I have this amazingly pink view of the world. But when I asked others, they said I usually am this positive attitude and high energy person, with a smile on her face no matter what.. which made my day.. I appreciated the fact that other people see me as such.. what a relief!

If you do have the chance to attend such seminars, events, motivational activities about teambuilding, or knowing yourself.. do attend them! keep an open mind about what might you hear, and what might be coming your way.. because what is being delivered to you is not something you are not aware of, but something that is useful to hear from someone else to settle in your mind…

I hope you have an amazing Thursday as I plan mine to be one.. as much as any other day..

May happiness be with you..


January 2, 2012

i have a friend

a dear friend to me.. I met him not a long time ago.. but not so soon either.. he was with me every day when I went through the tough phase this summer.. that's when we grew closer..

I always think I have figured him out..and I do believe that I have.. I know his habits, I know when he is down, when something pissed him.. or what's so ever.. but then.. I remember how hard he tries to block his feelings around people.. how much stuff he has in his head, that he thinks about.. may it be his job, women coming and going in his life.. or just a comment he got from someone..

I try talking to him.. and you know what - he does open up to me.. I think he likes that I listen to him.. and pay attention.. he gets so excited when he tells me a story from his past, or just something that happened 2 minutes ago.. i love that he has this childish excitement in him..
I also like that he has that childish look in his eyes, when he gets excited.. but those eyes.. also are mirrors to his inner dwellings..
I sometimes wonder what else does he have in that brain of his? how tired is his sole? what is he fighting against?
He is usually in a chillaxxx mode, however in a second he becomes this other person that is totally the opposite than his previous version..

so anyways.. I don't know why I am writing about him right now..but I just thought about him.. and realized we haven't talked in a while..

I should catch him in the office tomorrow and buy him a coffee..


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