September 30, 2010


if you find him/her.. 
never let them go!
i found mine.. 
i hope i can keep him.. 
as he 
wishes to keep me.. 


gorgeous red lips- TomFord

well this image got me thinking of red lips..
how i could never (ever never ever) pull it off.. 
that so many can.. 
voluptuous red lips are sexy.. 
can be too much once the line is crossed..
however when done right.. 
it just might be perfect

don't always have an answer to:

September 28, 2010

drunk babies

i love this ad.. 
i laughed so much!
i think this is just so creative..

tired and out of it

for the last few days i have been working non-stop
not work work, or school work.. 
but just wondering around, running here and running there..
we have been moving boxes from ikea to "my baby"s new place

i think i love IKEA.. 
i want to be trapped and locked in.. 
I want to spend a night there.. 
trying out the different showroom rooms.. 
acting like in a fantasy.. or like in a movie.. 
(which movie was it that a boy and a girl were trapped in Walmart? - i can"t remember..)

sleepless.. tired.. every bone in my body is aching.. 
but.. everything is done now.. 
we bought flowers, candles.. every little detail is done.. 
and it looks amazing.. 
i will post before and after photos - if he gives me permission :) 

September 25, 2010

great, average, small

hats on

today was a really fun day
we went into a halloween shop
there is still time for halloween shopping.. 
but we just wanted to look around.. 
and one by one we ended up wearing different hats.. 

milan fashion week-1-

i am adoring the prints of etro.. i love that etro has a style of its own and uses mixture of prints

moschino has done it as always.. the polka dots and the wonderful stripes.
i see that mixture of prints are going to be a major part of our lives

September 23, 2010


happy birthday artun!

on september 10, 1990 our dear friend Artun was born!
we celebrated his 20th birthday, well about 13 days ago!
so this post is really late!

I want to say happy birthday to Artun again!
iyi ki dogdun!
seni cok seviyoruz!


new shoes

so, I told you I got some new shoes.. 
here they are

I am in love with my new Missoni flats..
the colors look like reddish however i think the pic in the middle shows the colors the best
they are purple colored but with blue and pink neon colors within.. 
i love them!

these are my new converse's 
got one black and one ivory(white)

and got grey ones for "my baby"

life update

i had to keep myself away from writing because
i had a psych exam today
and i had to study.. 

but still i couldn't keep myself away from reading bloglovin.. my control ability isn't that strong

so let me think of updates..
had a job fair at school.. went OK not so well..
submitted my resume to a few places. some were really inspirational
in between i do not remember much because i have been
sleep deprived this whole week.. 
i do not know how i am awake right now but i am
today, after my exam, i had one of the best lunchy dinners i ever had.. 
every dish we tried was perfect at founding farmers
you have to try it!

the other day i bought some shoes for "my baby" and myself..
pictures coming soon.. 
(i have to get up and take some photos) 

the most important part.. 
we found an apartment for "my baby"
we are really happy!
saturday we are gonna go to IKEA.. 
i feel in heaven when i am there.. 
i have to control myself not to buy anything.. 

i guess that's all.. 
that's all i can remember.. 


big hair and leather

she is just too gorgeous!

-bazaar spain- 
images via fashiongonerouge

September 22, 2010

movies to watch #1 follow up

i did a movies to watch list a while ago

so here is where i am:

1) The Last Station
2) Chloe
3) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
4) Se7en
5) Sleepers
6) Leon the Professional
7) Pretty Baby
8) The Runaways
9) 200 Cigarettes
10) Death Proof


chloe is incredibly sexy!
the black and the white dresses just look perfect on her!

I also love her hairstyle!

french and wine

after buying everything from vending machines, I now hear that the french came up with
wine vending machines.. 
you go, put a bottle, and fill it up with wine.. 
just like you would buy gas!

this is amazing!
wine wine every where!
can i get some cabernet sauvignon ? 

September 21, 2010

looking for a job/ for a better future/ tomorrow is the day

as a senior in college, waiting to graduate on december, 
it is time to look for an internship, a job; full-time or half-time..

and tomorrow is the day..
we have a career fair, which many companies are going to come, 
and we will talk for a second with each, introduce ourselves, try to be recognized, try to be chosen..
tomorrow is the day for my new future
if it happens it happens,
if not, then i will have to go back to istanbul once I graduate

tomorrow is the day..
that i need to shine, that i need to be recognized.
tomorrow might be day for a better future

wish me luck!

September 20, 2010

plain gorgeous: atelier versace

the fall2010 lookbook of Atelier Versace is just plain gorgeous
look at these gowns
the shoes
I have no words to describe my love for them right now
I wish I could have one of these
I wish I could wear them as elegantly as she does

i would love to see my mom in one of these dresses
she is a women that I believe can carry these dresses better than anybody I know
ohh and also E.B - she has a gorgeous body,  she has the height and the wit to make these
gowns better than they look

fine china

the elegance of colors
it is just gorgeous
this just inspires me
images via fashiongonerouge


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