December 31, 2010

new year resolutions..

as hours left to starting a new year.. 2011.. I have to make some new year resolutions like everyone else..

I am going thru some changes in my life..
some possible space and time differences are going to be in my life..
(a change of city, continent to even make it more obvious to you)
I might not be in the states after February and may move back to Istanbul due to my recent graduation and the need of work..
so my new years resolutions are guided by my mixed feelings and confused mind.. so please bare with me.. 

1. Happiness
I want the happiness I felt all year and more if possible around me and my loved ones..
I want to be able to smile everyday, laugh and enjoy life..
and never forget that:

I want to continue to be in love, stay in love and have ''my baby'' be in love with me too..
I wish to see more couples around, more love in the air..
I want to make myself and him happy..

3. Weight/Health
My recent gain weght is causing me problems.. I do not feel healthy.. I just feel heavy..
I want to loose all the weight that I have gained.. and be more fit and healthy than ever..
4. Success
either with my possible new job or somethişng else, I want to be successful.. I want to make myself proud.. I want to make my parents proud..
I believe this is going to be my life with an extra ''my baby'' thoughts in it..
5.Seeking Happiness
I want to inspired and continue to be inspired of my fellow bloggers..
I wish I could reach more followers and have more comments on this blog..
I wish to find my own voice and never be afraid to use it!
I want to have flowers in my room everyday.. I want to smell the freshness, the life out of them..
I want to feel like butterflies

December 30, 2010

in between

when ever I come back to istanbul.. i live this in between life..
i am with family one second
and then with some friends
i am with family more family, then its all about the friends..

since we came back, 
we spent a lot of time with family - since we miss them so much..
and the last 2 days has been about spending time with friends.. 
enjoying their company, since they are missed much too..
not much photos are taken- which makes me sad to be honest!
hopefully there will be more to come.. 

December 29, 2010


somehow, I woke-up today with the want and need to be in

i wish I could take "my baby" there..
spend a couple of days together.. 
even spend new years.. 

wouldn't it be amazing? 
a perfect gift to another?

-maybe next year i can surprise him?-
what do you think?

what are your plans for new years?
spending it with your lover, family or friends?

December 28, 2010

update on life and bla bla

days left to new years, and we don't have anything programmed/scheduled to do.
i do not have a dress, or an idea for a dress..
my recent weight gain is actually making me hate anything I wear or even before I wear them

i am not even in the mood to try anything.. 

i am still jet-lagged.. its been days but I just can't get used to it.. 
i went to sleep around 2:30am  and woke up around 6:00am.. not a nice way to start a day..
I really do feel tired.. 

however I will meet with my girlfriends tonight; if I can make it with all the sleep I got.. 
and then see my love "my baby"..
(i haven't seen him for days, which feels weird)

I am all over the place, huh? 
yes, I am.. 

well to end this post.. I wanted to share this image I found at weheartit.. 
Love it!
isn't this creative? 

hope everyone is having a good time.. 

December 25, 2010

best boyfriend ever/graduation gift

on our last day in DC, before packing and everything
"my baby" and I went gift shopping..
while he was out buying gifts for his family, I was being selfish and buying some for myself.

I decided that YSL pumps were qualified as a graduation gift to self.. 
so I got myself one from CUSP
while looking around I saw this amazingly cute KOI fish ring.. 
"koi" is quite special for "my baby" and me and has tons of meaning..
so he got it for me.. 
I love it!
(actually wore it to the christmas dinner yesterday)

while we were cruising from one shop to another, I saw these incredible sunglasses.. 
Proenza Schouler limited edition black sunglasses.

I guess it was love at first sight.. 
I loved them.. When I put them on I somehow felt the glasses completed me or something.. 
they were the perfect pair to my new hair
but had to let go, and move on towards a new shop to find new buys..
(i always had it in mind to come back and get it)

as we had tapas for lunch at Bordega, 
did our shopping, and as we were out of time to shop and to get back home,
"my baby" said he had one more stop to go to.. he had to get another gift for his mom..
so as we go into the shop, he just grabs a bag from the clerk and we get out of there..

I had all ? everywhere.. ???
what? why? what just happened? what did you get?

"mini this is for you, happy graduation" he says

could he be any sweeter? 
thank you baby thank you so much!

I love you endlessly!
thank you for my precious graduation gifts!

and here is my ring: 

here my mom has it on.. she wanted to try it while I was taking photos.. 

and a little preview of what my glasses look like.. with PJ's on, and a messy bed hair and face

hihihi love it!

have a good day everyone

christmas dinner/life

As soon as we landed and got out of customs, I saw my parents for barely 5 mins. 
They had to go and get ready for the dinner party they were throwing for their friends.
I had to go home, take a shower, get dressed, make-up etc. and then go to the restaurant to meet them.
and I did.
I came home and did all that... 

I was able to pull the night off because I had an amazing 8 hour sleep on the plane (maybe first in years)
since I took a tiny pill to make me sleep - It really works. 

having my dark hair and bangs.. people say I look like a new person..

we drank amazing red wines all throughout dinner,
had an amazing time, loud laughs and a lot of conversation

it feels quite different to be back home and not to worry about grades.
oh by the way its 6:42am here.. which makes it 11:48pm in DC.
first morning- and i believe I am jet-laged. (I slept around 2, which makes it hard to believe that I got any rest)
 i need my white mocha to wake-up properly.. i feel in hibernate mood.. 

hope everyone has a happy holiday..
see you soon!

December 23, 2010


i am sitting in the lounge waiting for out flight.. 
after a long taxi ride to the airport,
checking in, checkin DiDi in.. 
we are settled, sitting and eating a little. 

"my baby" is reading his news and I am of course, checking out what my other fellow bloggers are up to.. 


I love airports..
I love that there are people who come and go.. all in the rush to make it to somewhere.. 
some running to catch their flight..
some taking their time and walking slowly to kill time.. 
but they all will get on a plane to get somewhere.. 

we all come and go..
from airports or from each others lives..

think about it..
think about your kindergarten friends.. your elementary school friends.. even your high school or college friends..
how many are there still by your side? 
Not as many as you have started I guess.. 

people come and go with time.. sometimes you are the one who leaves.. it's just the way life is.. 

there is still half an hour to waste until we board.. so let me get to creating some posts or browsing thru my un-reads..   :) 
see you guys soon... 

Happy holidays!


Ladies and gentleman,
after a whole long wait, 
i got them.. 
i got my hair chopped
i got my bangs!

I just not got bangs but changed my whole hair color.. 
before - my hair was like this, blondish, reddish, brown.. 
i really don't know how to explain it.. 
but remember the hair color i got before was named cherry coke- so you can imagine what it turned into after a few months? 

now, I am all dark.. 
"my baby" said I  looked like a whole different and new person
(i don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing?}

so, I don't have much to show you.. only those that "my baby" took while I was trying to pack
(more like procrastinating)

what do you think?
(please let me know)

and here is a little of my sweet "my baby" 
being cute as he always is.. 
doing nothing while I am trying not to do anything

back to not packing :) 

December 20, 2010


tell me what you like in these images from "Dress to Kill Magazine"s recent issue...

to start with: the BANGS of course.. 
but as for the outfits.. I fell in love with the CHANEL one.. 
it is amazing
 i am in love with the fur used in this look

December 18, 2010


I have started this blog 6 months ago.. 
(time does pass quickly, doesn't it?)

I was eager to share my thoughts, be a part of this magical world. 
I see myself evolve everyday.. 
I try to open myself up to share more.. 
but I am still a bit shy I guess..

what I want to know is..

Do you have any suggestions for me? 

what do you like about "seeking happiness" and what more would you like to see? 

if you let me know; I want 2011 to be about it.. 

I want to evolve more.. I want to expand my horizons and just become better at what I do.. 

So, pretty please, leave a comment or shoot an e-mail.. 

I would love to hear from you!


December 17, 2010

men and details

images via sartorialist and fashinisto

give me olive

gorgeous olive green.. 
works with everything and everyone.. 
blond, brunette or incredible black hair.. 
paired with brown or black.. 
or just jeans or white.. 


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