October 31, 2010

kate moss/topshop

Kate Moss for Topshop
she looks dazzlingly beautiful
as always


red in the woods

i really liked the red and green in this shoot
the green in the woods makes the red pop

missing HAWAII

last semester, for spring break we went to HAWAII.. 
it was incredible..
i thought i was in heaven.. 

the ocean, the sun, the wind, the weather.. 
the food..
the shrimp to be exact. 

best shrimp i ever had!
if you have never been to hawaii,
get your loved ones and go!
you will have the best time of your life

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mara hoffman

a while ago, I remember saving these mara hoffman dress pics. 
I fell in love with the vibrant colors, the 

don't you love them?

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what have I been upto?
this week was just crazy.. school stuff.. graduation stuff..
and the best.. halloween!

"my baby", derin and I, we were hippies last night.
we had so much fun!
/it was a crazy night/
for so long i didn't enjoy going out to clubs///but yesterday was an exception/i had so much fun/

{"my baby" and derin- hippie boys}

{r.k.a and "my baby"}
{a hippie and a nerds love is forever}
 {so is ours}

{no idea whats on my head. or what that face means}
{blaming it on the halloween spirit}
{dead waldo}
{and gorgeous something} 

October 27, 2010

/Marie Claire/October/

Marie Claire US/ October 2010 issue
photos taken in Istanbul
{home I do miss you sometimes}

I fell in love with these pictures

via fashiongonerogue


ladies and gents, 
its time to put your masks on..
its time to wear clothes you would never wear again
its time for wigs and make up
its time for the pumpkins to be carved.. 

halloween is here!
here's just a preview: 

{haha, i love that "my baby" and I are dressing as clowns one day.. }

more photos will come after the whole halloween weekend.. 
so excited

give me blood

naomi campbell for interview magazine 
october 2010

i thought these following photos were appropiate since its halloween soon!
let the festivities begin!

ambrossio for vogue = glamour

Ambrossio is gorgeous, is glamorous.. 
i am loving the 1st and the 3rd pics.. 


{i had to post this, just watched Leon the other day.. thanks to DO} 


{this makes me feel good} 


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