August 9, 2010

True Blood

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I have been watching True Blood.. but was on a break from it.. Yesterday I was home alone.. and had a lot time to do nothing.. so I watched True Blood.. half of S2 and S3.. Love it.. I remembered why I loved TrueBlood... the scenes, the plot, the creatures that just come along.. love it..

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Season 3 introduces new characters.. handsome ones I must say.. Alcide the new good wolve and other wolves and vamps.. We also have our old friends.. Eric, the bad boy..Tara, good but sometimes stupid friend. Bill,  I used to care for Bill but somehow, I don't like him as I used to.. have my reasons.. don't want to spoil anything for you.. just go on and watch it..
Season 3 is going to be amazing!!!

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Anonymous said...

I posted on the Jessica post but I'll say it again: I love TRUE BLOOD! Best show ever!


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