August 5, 2010


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OK- so "my baby" and I went to see INCEPTION yesterday night. I just have one word to describe my feelings!!!! "your mind is the scene of the crime" – incredible!
I was amazed by the movie. Congratulations to Christopher Nolan! And the cast.. I think Leo has become mature. He came into our lives with Titanic and then made really smart choices for movies. Shutter Island and INCEPTION moved me. I love that he selects his movies with special care and does not do any movie that comes his way. Think of it.. let's remember his last movies... Shutter Island(2010), Revolutionary Road(2008), Body of Lies(2008), Blood Diamond(2006) and etc... His choices were smart, all movies got the viewer excited and wondering.. they all were hit movies- I loved all of them.
Now Ellen Page- our young Juno star.. I couldn't have imagined anyone better than her to play the architect! She was just right for it. Her looks and her voice, the way she moves just fits.. Her speach tone just fits the character and brings it alive.. well-done!
Ah.. my wonderful Marion Cotillard.. I loved every movie that she has played in.. She is an actress that brings soft sexiness to the role she plays.. The french accent helps.. I love the naturel look she has, with her wavy hair.. the wonderful big eyes, with the little button nose.. beautiful and talented women! If you haven't watched, do watch her in Big Fish, La vie en rose and definitly in Jeux d'enfants (Love me if you dare)!!
And Joseph Gordon-Levitt.. for some reason I didn't use to like him that much.. he came into my radar after 500 days of Summer.. but with this movie.. I have seen a grown man acting! He broke out of his child like self.. which might be caused by his baby boy looks (not a bad thing I must say).. I think he did a wonderful acting..
So, much said about the actors (the other cast members were wonderful too) .. I have to talk about the movie itself.. once you watch it, I hope you will think like me.. the none-gravity fight scenes.. the logic behind all thoughts.. the idea that the subconscious, the dream state has so many details under it.. and the ability to reach it, steal it or just plant a new idea to grow – AMAZING! As a psychology major, I must say that I really appreciated the idea and the plot of the story!
One criticism that I want to make is that.. when I think of my own dreams.. they are not well drawn as the movie reflected.. you know you are dreaming because of the absurdities you see or feel. Yes, the dream feels real while you're in it, however you still might get the feeling that something is wrong. No dream is well figured as it was in the movie.. what I was expecting to see, or would have chosen to do is.. make it more complex.. not in the sense of an idea.. but.. make it illogical.. make it none-sense in some parts.. like while running down the street, get to runing in your apartment or something- this was a dream I saw.. while running away from someone on the street, I foud myself running in my apartment locking myself in my room.. the logical and illogical combined is what makes a dream..
But that said.. again.. I really enjoyed INCEPTION.. and I do recommend it to everyone..

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