December 27, 2011

NewYears make-up inspiration


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December 26, 2011

been away

I have been away for too long from "seeking happiness".. this is one of the places that I used to hide from all the rush in my life, from all the consumption and all the feelings that get me down.. a diary, a place to share, a place to just write.. and be happy.. but for so long, I just have been writing about being away from it and then continuing to stay away.. from now on this should change.. I really have to become more active with "seeking happiness" and use it as my own safe place again..

what has changed in my life - since when - since, I don't know when..

"my baby" is back in Istanbul for Christmas and New Years... He graduated from college - A huge CONGRATULATIONS to him!!! Celebrations, celebrations! ~I need to go to DC in May for his graduation - need some off time :)

work - is good, I am getting used to my new role and each day I feel like I am learning more, but then when I question myself I just get down and wonder if I will be able to make it.. but then again, I always find a spark inside of me to get me going..

I cannot think of much to write at this moment.. but there are many posts to follow this one..

and before I end this post and start collaging the other, Happy New Year to everyone.. we are getting closer to the end of 2011 and closer to a bright new beginning... 2012..


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