March 1, 2011

I am missing you more than anything

I cannot believe it is MARCH already... It has been a month since I came back to Istanbul, moved away from "my baby", my friends and DC itself.. I am missing my old life everyday.. the sadness that I lived seems so irrelevant and small now, the pain I thought I was feeling seems meaningless..

Life is all about experiences, everything we live, there is a reason for it.. the pain we go thru is for us to learn something.. the happiness is to enjoy the day and look for another day to come.. the tears that drown us are just another way of passing time.. so that we can come to today.. we can be who we are TODAY..

I am missing every scent, every sound, every touch that I felt when I was with you.. I am missing facial expressions, the laughs, the anger, the cries, everything.. because they belonged to you and me.. and they do belong to you and me.. I just miss them..

even though I remind myself of us constantly, it feels different to be away, to have miles and miles between us.. but I know that those miles and those time differences mean S**t when it comes to you and me..

I just wanted to say .. I am missing you more than anything..

1 comment:

Alara Kap said...

canimm ben de seni cok ozluyorum uzulme yakinda birlikteyizzz :)


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