March 24, 2011

7 things and an award

Anait, a lovely blogger shared a blog award with me.. I discovered her blog  "cap ou pas cap" while looking around.. just the name of the blog was enough for me to fall in love..
Anait, cap ou pas cap 'ın yazari bana blog odulu vermis.. kendisiyle ve bloguyla yeni tanisiyorum ama ilk gordugum andan beri begeniyle takip ediyorum..

So here are 7 things about me: / iste hakkimda 7 bilgi:

1- I was born in Nijmegen Holland. My parents lived there for 8 years and then once I was born decided to move back to Turkey as soon as I was 1,5 years old. I do not hold a Holland passport nor do I know any words in Dutch. But in conversation sometimes I like to tell that I was born there.
Hollanda dogumluyum ben aslında. Turkum ama ailem orda yasamis senelerce.. bende orda dogmusum.. dogduktan sonrada gelme karari almislar İstanbul'a geri..

2- I love pets. I am 23 years old and until now I had many many pets. Currently I had 2 dogs, a golden retreiver Seth and a Chihuahua DiDi. I've had about 10 golden fish, 1 turtle (which I thought was dead and burried it but later learned that they sleep for a month for hibernation, 2 dogs which both died at age 16 -lived long happy lives. And maybe more fish that I cannot think of.
Cok hayvanlarim oldu bu 23 sene icerisinde.. Su an 2 tane kopegim var, biri golden retriever olan Seth digeride minigim chihuahua olan DiDİ. Ondan once de  10larca balik, bir tanecik su kaplumbagim oldu. Ve daha bir suru uzun omur yasayan kopeklerim.

3- I love pens and pencils. I buy atleast one everythime I pass by a bookstore, a CVS or just a design shop. I am obsessed. Do I use all of them? Ofcourse not! Just once the day I buy them but then they are put into a pile next to the others.
Kalem hastaligim ben.. yuzlercesi, binlercesi hala yetmiyor bana. ne zaman yeni bir tane gorsem aliyorum! dayanamiyorum! Hepsini kullanmadim hic.. hic kullanmadiklarim var yanii.. ama gene de dur durak demeden almaya devam ediyorum..

4- I have vivid but really vivid memories from when I was young - I am talking about memories of when I was 3 and sometimes even younger - which there is no way of me remembering. However in psychology class we learned that we form memories from pictures and accept them as lived and real which might explain the confusion.
Kucucuk 3 yasima ait hatiralarim var.. bazen daha oncesine ait.. nasil oluyor diye sormayin bilmiyorum.. sanki hatirliyorum herseyi.. ortami, insanlari.. ama sonradan ogrendim ki psikoloji dersimde, biz insanlar resimlerde gorduklerimizi kendi aklimizda yasamis gibi kurum anlatabiliyormusuz.. belki de bu yuzdendir benim kucukluk anilarim..

5- What do I fear? I do not fear death, or spiders or snakes. However I do fear of being alone, being left alone by the person I love, the people I love. I fear that the people I care will turn their backs on me one day. Which I believe is worse than dying.
Korkum cok yok benim, oyle karanliktan, olumden falan korkmuyorum.. tek korkum var o da terk edilmek diyebilirim. nedense sevdiklerim tarafindan birakilma korkum var.. o da en zararlisi galiba

6- My favorite color is purple. I love it! I just do. I need to have something purple with me everyday. It might be something as small as a pen, or as big as wearing a purple shirt that day. Whenever I am to buy something I first check if there is the option of getting it in Purple!
En sevdigim renk MOR.. morsuz yapamiyorum.. ustumde hergun en azindan kucucuk birsey mor olmali.. ya bir mor kalem, yada kulaklik.. yada mor gomlegim, ugurlu olmalidir mor bana ..

7- I am  a huge Beatles and Rolling Stones fan. Since I was a kid, me and my dad would sing their songs while driving, having lunch or just while sitting at home. One of my favorite songs from Beatles is "And I love her", from Rolling Stones is "Jumping Jack Flash"..
Kucuklugumden beri babamla beraber Beatles ve Rolling Stones dinliyorum.. en sevdigim gruplar kendileri.. en sevidigim sarkilari ise: "And I love her" Beatles dan, Jumping Jack Flas'te Rolling Stondes dan..

And my awards go to: Ve oduller:

Alara from Etrangeres Insights

Mandy from Live.Laugh.Love

M from Park&Belmont

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M said...

Thanks for the award and for following! So sweet!

Mandy said...

Thanks so much for sharing an award with me! So thoughtful of you! I enjoy your blog and will continue to follow you as well! I also think it's pretty neat how obsessed you are with husband secretly LOVES paper, that brand new in pack paper by the's cute! Thanks again for the award, have a wonderful day!

Alara Kap said...

canimmmm unuttum sana tesekkurler demeyi! xxx


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