March 25, 2011

Giveaway extended!!!! a second chance!

Hello everyone! I am extending the giveaway! I realized I did not do a good job with the time limit! 

So here it is... another chance for the amazing pendant! 

Here are the guidelines to enter the giveaway!

1- follow me and leave a comment
Google friend, twitter, bloglovin.. any where.. 
just follow me - and leave a comment on this post

2- leave a comment - an idea, what you like reading etc.. anything..
ramblings is OK too.. since I do that all the time.. 
tell me about you, yourself, your blog etc and.. leave a comment

3- share it with others and guess what- leave a comment.. 

Please post your comments at the original giveaway post! Here!!!


Yvonne said...

hmmmmm.. hope it's not too late to enter the giveaway! and even if it is.. I passed by just to say hello, hope you're doing great dear melish :)
oh and by the way, some of the pictures you post here are oh-so-cute-and-inspiring!
sending you a big-big kiss :)

melish said...

please post comments under the original giveaway post.. so that I can include you in the draw!

and PS - one way to enter is to follow me then write a comment please!
and Yvonne - thank you for your nice thoughts ! :)


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