March 15, 2011

yours sincerely / en icten dileklerimle / GIVEAWAY

I have been thinking for a while now : who reads my blog?
I get hundreds of clicks every day.. but I do not get as much comments as I wish I would.. so I decided to shout out to those who give a little time of their busy day to look at my ramblings..

In order to get to know you - I decided to do a GIVEAWAY! yeay!
it goes as..
1- follow me and leave a comment
Google friend, twitter, bloglovin.. any where.. 
just follow me - and leave a comment on this post

2- leave a comment - an idea, what you like reading etc.. anything..
ramblings is OK too.. since I do that all the time.. 
tell me about you, yourself, your blog etc and.. leave a comment

3- share it with others and guess what- leave a comment.. 

anything that comes to your mind just please let me know.. 

Once you do this.. I will give until..
next week friday : March 25th, 2011.. will close the giveaway then.. and randomly choose a winner! 

the winner will win: 
The astrology pendant by Gorjana  that I talked about in a previous post.. 
the below pictures are some of the pendants.. and there are more.. 
thank you everyone.. 
yours sincerely, 

Uzun zamandir dusunceler icindeydim.. Istatistik sayfasindan goruyorum ki yuzlerce kisi blogumu okuyor.. ama bu kisiler KIM bilmiyorum.. kimsiniz siz? nerdensiniz? 

Bende sizleri tanimak uzere, bir hediye cekilisi duzenlesem mi diye dusundum.. 
Yukarda gordugunuz kolyelerden biri sahibini bulacak (burc kolyesi, hani bahsetmistim ya onceden)
burda birkacinin resmi var.. kazanmak icinse tek istedigim kendinizi bana tanitmaniz.. su yonlerle.. 

1-burdan, bloglovinden yada twitter dan beni takip edip, yorum birakin.. 

2- herhangi bir yorum yazin buraya.. kimsiniz, ne seversiniz, beni neden arada bir ziyaret edersiniz..? unutmayin yorum birakin.. 

3- sizde paylasin.. blogunuz varsa orda.. yada baska turlu.. ve yorum birakin.. 

ne kadar cok yorum o kadar sans acikcasi.. cunku rastgele secilecek kazanan kisi.. 
25 Mart 2011 cuma gunu de bitcek bu hediye verme fasli.. o zamana kadar vaktiniz var.. 
simdiden iyi sanslar.. 

En icten dileklerimle.. 


Daniella said...

Love this! I didn´t know i was looking for one pendant like this until I saw your post! lol

Mandy said...

What a great idea...I feel the same way about my blog too know, not getting lots of comments, I feel like people are reading it/looking at my blog, but not feeling "inspired" enough to leave a post perhaps? This makes me wonder if I am even writing things people want to comment on...or if I am boring...or if maybe people aren't like me and feel the need to say something about what they read. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pictures (those are always fun...picture = 1000 words right?). I like to read just about anything, I have found that since I started my blog (about a month ago now) that I am much more into reading what's going on with people-it's neat to connect and truly know yourself and let everyone else know you too! Good luck with your blogging!

Anait said...

Is it too late to enter this giveaway? I hope not because I LOVE the libra necklace :)

Carrie Lynn said...

Hey! I follow you and think these pendants are awesome!

Carrie Lynn said...

My second comment is this: If I win, I wonder if I should get the Virgo pendent because that's my sign, or if I should get the pendent of my baby that isn't born yet. Is that weird?

melish said...

Anita- I just extended the end date :)

Carrie Lynn- I think it is an amazing thought! and its so sweet for you to think to get the sign of your baby.. if you win' I hope you get the one of your baby!

Anash said...

I follow google connect "anash"
Thank you kindly.
anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com
this is gorgeous!

Yvonne said...

so i'm posting my comment here again my dear melish :)
see u on twitter as well! ;)
ciao x


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