March 25, 2011


At last.. I got my diploma in my mailbox this morning.. what a nice way to start a day.. what an incredible boost of morale.. Istanbul is shining today, the sun is up and I am having a good day.. eventhough I had to say "goodbye" to "my baby" yesterday - he left for DC and I won't be seeing him for another 47 days... (yes I am counting)
But getting my diploma made me feel relieved and happy!


Mandy said...

WOOHOO! Congrats! That's awesome news (the diploma part...not the part about not seeing your "baby"....) 47 days isn't too bad though, my husband and I went months without seeing each other sometimes while I was attending grad school (it sucked)...but in the end it made us closer-distance makes the heart grow fonder!

Anait said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! And what great timing too, just in time to cheer you up a little since I know you must be sad your baby is leaving! Time goes by so slow when the person you love isn't by your side, doesn't it? But keep yourself busy and you'll see him again in no time!

Alara Kap said...

Melll congradulations canimmm

Tucker said...

Congrats! That's where my father in law went (:

47 days ... that's no fun! my husband leaves the 30th for Switzerland and i can't go until may 10th (due to grad school) ... we can comfort each other (:


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