March 22, 2011

a Lego House / Lego dan ev yapmislar

I saw this at Design-Milk and couldn't believe my eyes.. James May built a house out of Lego pieces! amazing! It's just like, a kids dream coming true.. think of yourself as a kid and how many buildings you made, how many incredible designs you thought of.. this house is an example of all those ideas..

James May Lego parcalarindan ev yapmis.. evet, Lego parcalari.. ─░nanilmaz degil mi? Design-Milk'te gordum bende ve inanamadim.. cocukluk hayallerim gercek olmus gibi sevindim.. her birimiz legolarla oynayip kac tane yamuk ev yapmisizdir kim bilir.. iste bu ev o hayallerimizin gercek olmasinin simgesi..

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