December 28, 2010

update on life and bla bla

days left to new years, and we don't have anything programmed/scheduled to do.
i do not have a dress, or an idea for a dress..
my recent weight gain is actually making me hate anything I wear or even before I wear them

i am not even in the mood to try anything.. 

i am still jet-lagged.. its been days but I just can't get used to it.. 
i went to sleep around 2:30am  and woke up around 6:00am.. not a nice way to start a day..
I really do feel tired.. 

however I will meet with my girlfriends tonight; if I can make it with all the sleep I got.. 
and then see my love "my baby"..
(i haven't seen him for days, which feels weird)

I am all over the place, huh? 
yes, I am.. 

well to end this post.. I wanted to share this image I found at weheartit.. 
Love it!
isn't this creative? 

hope everyone is having a good time.. 

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