December 25, 2010

christmas dinner/life

As soon as we landed and got out of customs, I saw my parents for barely 5 mins. 
They had to go and get ready for the dinner party they were throwing for their friends.
I had to go home, take a shower, get dressed, make-up etc. and then go to the restaurant to meet them.
and I did.
I came home and did all that... 

I was able to pull the night off because I had an amazing 8 hour sleep on the plane (maybe first in years)
since I took a tiny pill to make me sleep - It really works. 

having my dark hair and bangs.. people say I look like a new person..

we drank amazing red wines all throughout dinner,
had an amazing time, loud laughs and a lot of conversation

it feels quite different to be back home and not to worry about grades.
oh by the way its 6:42am here.. which makes it 11:48pm in DC.
first morning- and i believe I am jet-laged. (I slept around 2, which makes it hard to believe that I got any rest)
 i need my white mocha to wake-up properly.. i feel in hibernate mood.. 

hope everyone has a happy holiday..
see you soon!

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A. Kap said...

oleeeey geldinizzzz


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