December 23, 2010


Ladies and gentleman,
after a whole long wait, 
i got them.. 
i got my hair chopped
i got my bangs!

I just not got bangs but changed my whole hair color.. 
before - my hair was like this, blondish, reddish, brown.. 
i really don't know how to explain it.. 
but remember the hair color i got before was named cherry coke- so you can imagine what it turned into after a few months? 

now, I am all dark.. 
"my baby" said I  looked like a whole different and new person
(i don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing?}

so, I don't have much to show you.. only those that "my baby" took while I was trying to pack
(more like procrastinating)

what do you think?
(please let me know)

and here is a little of my sweet "my baby" 
being cute as he always is.. 
doing nothing while I am trying not to do anything

back to not packing :) 


Anonymous said...

you look so cute!
merry christmas!

melish said...

thank you anonymous!
merry christmas to you too!


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