December 4, 2010

greatness/the beatles

i am left with mixed feelings since The Beatles is in itunes now.. 

i am a big fan of the band.. i grew up with their songs, thanks to my dad.. 
he made sure i knew them, that i loved them as he did.. 

i know everyone has this passion towards beatles cause they are such legends.. however,
maybe i am just being stupid and selfish but i really hoped that beatles was not on itunes,
that everyone did not have access to all of their songs.. 

everyone knows, yesterday, help!, lucy in the sky with diamonds.. 
however there were songs that some people never heard of.. i wish it stayed that way.. 

i wish we didn't have to share this passion with everyone.. 
sorry- for being so selfish.. {just being honest} 

but in someway.. 
i am glad more people will get to listen to the band.. in someway i am glad to share this passion too.. 
see  i am really having some messed up, mixed feelings here..

so tell me:

which is your favorite song ?
which album is your favorite? 

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