December 12, 2010

life update/killing me inside

mom "bbm"ed me today saying I haven't been writing here for the last few days..
which got me to realize that even though i get to the post-ing page, i never write.. 
well why?
i have so much things to do

right now 
I am writing a paper on mental retardation and death penalty.. 
i have to choose a side, and defend it.. with research on the issue, with IQ test standardization etc etc.. 
just not so fun people, believe me.. 

I had my ever last day of classes (hopefully)
attended my last class/course ever.. 

never expected for the time to come.. but it has already passed.. 

and i have finals, all over the place.. 
so it is normal that i can't post, and won't post something everyday.. 
because i just don't feel like i am even living everyday... 
that is the truth.. 

and i have to get back to my dear and lovely and so much "killing me inside" paper
isn't it cool..
i found it while procrastinating :) 

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