December 23, 2010


i am sitting in the lounge waiting for out flight.. 
after a long taxi ride to the airport,
checking in, checkin DiDi in.. 
we are settled, sitting and eating a little. 

"my baby" is reading his news and I am of course, checking out what my other fellow bloggers are up to.. 


I love airports..
I love that there are people who come and go.. all in the rush to make it to somewhere.. 
some running to catch their flight..
some taking their time and walking slowly to kill time.. 
but they all will get on a plane to get somewhere.. 

we all come and go..
from airports or from each others lives..

think about it..
think about your kindergarten friends.. your elementary school friends.. even your high school or college friends..
how many are there still by your side? 
Not as many as you have started I guess.. 

people come and go with time.. sometimes you are the one who leaves.. it's just the way life is.. 

there is still half an hour to waste until we board.. so let me get to creating some posts or browsing thru my un-reads..   :) 
see you guys soon... 

Happy holidays!

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