December 25, 2010

best boyfriend ever/graduation gift

on our last day in DC, before packing and everything
"my baby" and I went gift shopping..
while he was out buying gifts for his family, I was being selfish and buying some for myself.

I decided that YSL pumps were qualified as a graduation gift to self.. 
so I got myself one from CUSP
while looking around I saw this amazingly cute KOI fish ring.. 
"koi" is quite special for "my baby" and me and has tons of meaning..
so he got it for me.. 
I love it!
(actually wore it to the christmas dinner yesterday)

while we were cruising from one shop to another, I saw these incredible sunglasses.. 
Proenza Schouler limited edition black sunglasses.

I guess it was love at first sight.. 
I loved them.. When I put them on I somehow felt the glasses completed me or something.. 
they were the perfect pair to my new hair
but had to let go, and move on towards a new shop to find new buys..
(i always had it in mind to come back and get it)

as we had tapas for lunch at Bordega, 
did our shopping, and as we were out of time to shop and to get back home,
"my baby" said he had one more stop to go to.. he had to get another gift for his mom..
so as we go into the shop, he just grabs a bag from the clerk and we get out of there..

I had all ? everywhere.. ???
what? why? what just happened? what did you get?

"mini this is for you, happy graduation" he says

could he be any sweeter? 
thank you baby thank you so much!

I love you endlessly!
thank you for my precious graduation gifts!

and here is my ring: 

here my mom has it on.. she wanted to try it while I was taking photos.. 

and a little preview of what my glasses look like.. with PJ's on, and a messy bed hair and face

hihihi love it!

have a good day everyone

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A. Kap said...

yaaa yerler senin bebeginin sekerliginiiiiii!!!!


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