December 6, 2010


i really believe that i must be going crazy..
am i hearing things? NO..
but am i tired, sleepless, and just out of it?
yes! believe me YES.. 

3 weeks left for me to be an undergraduate
and then i am free
 "phew"you would think, but NO!
as much as there is only 3 weeks left, those 3 weeks are hectic.. 
and i mean really.

i have a paper, a research paper, crazy finals each day every day..
and even when i say " oh, I have nothing today",
there is studying and preparing for those.. 

so on my last few weeks as an undergrad, I intend to spend my day and night in Gelman
{that is our uni's library of course}

crazy crazy.. i think saying this much crazy made me think of crazy/beautiful? have you watched it

i do not wanna ramble any more.. not more than i did already.. 

i hope i will survive these weeks and remain conscious during.. 

have a wonderful {few} week(s)

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