December 15, 2010


my whole childhood is behind me.. 
my barbie dolls, my plushy bears.. 
my classes that consisted of painting in the lines.. 
4.5 years of college life is almost in the past. 
studying for classes, sleepless nights before exams and papers..
it seems like a fantasy, a dream.. 

I cannot believe my education life is almost over - if nothing goes wrong.. if everything goes as planned
i cannot imagine the joy, once i know i am done, the feeling that i would feel once all this is over.. 

but then guess what begins..?
the search for a job.. 
yes, now real life begins; 
when one has to make their own money, to support themselves, 
and prove themselves to their families. 
it all begins..

why does it have to? 
do you remember the movie Click.. i never licked it, but the idea of having a device to rewind and fast forward thru life seems quite smart.. 

life is a ride, seriously.. 
you never know when what might happen..
you make plans, and those plans may not work out..
you get sad, and cry sometimes, because things didn't turnout they way you wanted them too.. 
but then what happens.. 
a new opportunity, a new love, a new friendship, or a new job might come your way.. 

i believe that everything happens for a reason.. 
and instead of crying and fussing about it, 
we should try to enjoy it.. 
(yes i know it is easy to say.. but believe me i have been there)

the past/ the present/ the future
it is your life..
so live it!
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