September 10, 2010


before I forget! 
I just came from shopping.. do not ask me how much I have spent! 
i hope my mom doesn't know how much I spent :) 
its not too little
i think I bought the whole urban outfitters.. 
i wish i could!
i would be so happy
a new closet just urban, and my other faves that I can not get rid of.. 
so, I will post pictures later, since there is not much time.. maybe I can make time after I pack.. 

OH, before I forget this too.. 
"my baby" got me SIMS 3.. 
he thought I would enjoy it.. 
i was against buying sims because everyone used to play it when we were kids but, 
since he is the one who bought it for me, 
i've got to try it right? 

see you soon! 

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