September 13, 2010


i have to say that i loved the silver hair with the blue tips..
i think she looks her best
the Alexander McQueen dress, the hair, and the simple make-up just makes her look

also, the silver hair looks gorgeous with her black dress

but i think the meat dress was too much.. 
i know it is GaGa and she likes extremes.. 
but still, meat? 
did we really need to see this? 

images via mtv


Mary said...

Oh, this Alexander McQueen gown look like a piece of art... So beautiful. I like it very much, even I am not sure about hair..
Leather gown is 'very Gaga', but this meat dress? TOO MUCH. She was dressed in meat in some Vogue cover... But jewellery is AMAZING! So shiny!
I tweeted about your Lush giveaway ;)
have a nice day and take care!

PS. Do you have a twitter account? Because I can't find one on your blog!

Anonymous said...

meat? disgusting! but her hair looks amazing


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