September 17, 2010

tattoo lust

i have 2 tattoo's..
and i want more..
if i was able to get more, i would
but i can't..
i fear that once i am old, and my body is all saggy, 
i will look awful..
but the 2 i have
i love them

one is on my wrist.. it's a star
and the other is on my back,
it's my design, with my mom's and my dad's names together
(i'll share them later on)

i have another in my mind, but i am waiting for the right time..
(something about "my baby")
and i have another but that won't happen until i have babies..
(i want their names or initials)

i am always on the look for new ideas.. and i find them..
it's just that i just can't get that many of them.. 
i am afraid that i will change my mind and be sad for the rest of my life

so here are a few that i found that i think are beautiful!

last 3 images from here

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