September 23, 2010

life update

i had to keep myself away from writing because
i had a psych exam today
and i had to study.. 

but still i couldn't keep myself away from reading bloglovin.. my control ability isn't that strong

so let me think of updates..
had a job fair at school.. went OK not so well..
submitted my resume to a few places. some were really inspirational
in between i do not remember much because i have been
sleep deprived this whole week.. 
i do not know how i am awake right now but i am
today, after my exam, i had one of the best lunchy dinners i ever had.. 
every dish we tried was perfect at founding farmers
you have to try it!

the other day i bought some shoes for "my baby" and myself..
pictures coming soon.. 
(i have to get up and take some photos) 

the most important part.. 
we found an apartment for "my baby"
we are really happy!
saturday we are gonna go to IKEA.. 
i feel in heaven when i am there.. 
i have to control myself not to buy anything.. 

i guess that's all.. 
that's all i can remember.. 

1 comment:

A said...

Nice!! I want one in my room!!! :)


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