September 18, 2010

saturday might be my favorite day

after sleeping until 11:00,
waking up, catching on some blog reading, 
leaving my apartment with DiDi and "mybaby",
walking to georgetown, having a delicious brunch,
walking around looking for inspirations for his new apartment,
drinking cappuccino, eating macaroons and a fruit tart,
being with him,
under the wonderful weather,
just wondering around,
coming back home, 
cleaning the balcony,
re-decorating it,
lighting the candles,
enjoying our teas under the dark sky lit with the street lights
sitting at the table that is covered with the new cloth we bought..
just plain simplicity
just plain happiness.
just being happy!
oe - mh

1 comment:

Cassie said...

Hey, i saw that you might want an illustration of yourself? if you attach a photo of yourself an email, ( that would be great! preferubly a full body shot. :)


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