September 1, 2010

life is on

hello everyone! 
I have to say, even though it has been 2 days since we got back home, I can feel the schedule build-up. It was so nice when there was nothing to do, and I could write all I wanted, read all the wonderful blogs I love.. but now- NO.. 
I have missed a bunch of my friends and spending time with them has become a priority (of course after attending classes)
I am a senior, hoping to graduate soon! I hope I can! 
I just can not wait for it! 
but then new problem: find a job!
how am I supposed to find a job? 
there are some ideas, some prospects but who knows!

Once everything settles in, I will try to get to work and take more time with my writing and sharing with you!

so, please do miss me :) 
take care


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