September 28, 2010

tired and out of it

for the last few days i have been working non-stop
not work work, or school work.. 
but just wondering around, running here and running there..
we have been moving boxes from ikea to "my baby"s new place

i think i love IKEA.. 
i want to be trapped and locked in.. 
I want to spend a night there.. 
trying out the different showroom rooms.. 
acting like in a fantasy.. or like in a movie.. 
(which movie was it that a boy and a girl were trapped in Walmart? - i can"t remember..)

sleepless.. tired.. every bone in my body is aching.. 
but.. everything is done now.. 
we bought flowers, candles.. every little detail is done.. 
and it looks amazing.. 
i will post before and after photos - if he gives me permission :) 

1 comment:

A. Kap said...

Kanye West video "Heard 'Em Say" and Charlia Chaplin movie!!!!


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